Complete 2020 Super Budget Hearthstone Decks Guide for Beginners

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For the descent of the dragons expansion, here's my guide to building budget decks for all 9 classes in 2020. The point of these decks is to give a solid starting point for where you will be able to win games as you build a good card pool over time. All decks are restricted to using only common, rare, and free cards (basic / giveaways like Snip-Snap)

Here's a few recommendations to update the video after some testing against a horde of singleton galakrond decks :)
Priest: Swap Penance for Holy Ripple. It's more proactive.
Mage: Swap Arcane Servant for Quicksand Elemental. Almost the same card but with a sometimes useful battlecry.
Paladin: Knife Juggler, Righteous Cause, and Microtech Controller are good cards to consider for building a swarming zoo style deck.

SN!P-SN4P is a good flex card for almost any deck mentioned in the video as a flexible tempo card. It's a legend but they gave it away for free one or two expansions back if you have it.

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