Hi! Did you have the time to watch the whole video yet?

Sorry but I am work. However, I will watch it on my lunch break. I apologize for immediately being sarcastic without giving your content its due and full consideration.

So I watched the video and you make some good points. Assuming that your foundational points regarding the creation myths of Pacific Islanders is true, and I see no reason to challenge the veracity of it as you have clearly done your research, then I can see how the Disney reinterpretation of the myths emphasizes the feminine aspect of the myths while downplaying the masculine.

well, it's not just's downright incompetence that is portrayed on the part of the masculine and absolute virtue on the feminine. Symbolically it's unsound and ideological.

I think you're obfuscating an important point. You properly attribute feminism with virtue per the films ideology, but neglect to fully acknowledge that masculinity isn't merely incompetent, but evil.

The opposite of virtue is evil, and the masculine is being not merely mocked as incompetent, but reviled; not but derided but demonized.

You are absolutely correct that it isn't merely being downplayed, but neither is it merely being ridiculed. Demonized is the appropriate term.

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