My submission for neoxiandtubecontest. [Dtube competition- culture]

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Hello dear friends!
This is my submission for neoxiandtubecontest..
The language, culture, living style of a country is the identity of that country and this culture can be easily seen in the behavior of people. Though the people of all countries have different ways of living, dress, catering, colloquialism, style of making festivals etc., there is a feeling of patriotism within everyone. After morality, to which we never get distracted, our ancestors have created some traditions and practices, which are all followed. In fact, it motivates us to walk on the path of goodness. If we talk about the culture here, then people here are of a very simple heart. Waking up in the morning to touch the feet of parents and older people get blessings. Let us start the day with a good thought. Together they handle all the tasks. In happiness and sorrow, they become partners of each other. Everyone celebrates different festivals together. Not only this, we have retained the existence of our language even after accepting various languages. And the biggest feature of this culture is that it maintains its culture by incorporating different civilizations and cultures. Perhaps that's why India is called a country of unity in diversity.
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