Girl like you - Maroon 5 By CelloMusic91

in dtube •  7 months ago 

Maroon Five - Girl Like You

Since its launch, this Maroon five theme has seemed great to me! Although it was hardly released around a year ago, I consider it a classic of this band.

A simple song, but it achieves its objective, to enhance what a woman means to a man in love.


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Wonderful job @cellomusic91.

You were featured in week 60 of @pifc's Pay It Forward Curation Contest by @dandays. @pifc is a Pay It Forward Community which believes in by helping others grow we build a stronger community. We run this contest each week, it is open to everyone. It's a great way to show off people you find that might need some more exposure and meet new people. Plus win some SBI!!

Thank you so much for all support! @pifc @dandays @tryskele

Hello @cellomusic91 I was referred here by @dandays who selected you as a featured post and I'm glad he did because it was a pleasure to hear you play.

I played the Cello for three or four years in my teens, but you play it much better than I did.


You were already pegging the needle on the “cool factor,” @angryman, you played cello?! Awesome! Thank you kindly for supporting this young man, I really enjoyed his performance. I’m following him now as well.

Congratulations @cellomusic91, I’m happy to see this track of your gaining traction. 👍🏿

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You're the coolest man on steemit, brother! 😄 thank you.

I am very grateful to @dandays and also to you @angryman for listening to me and for your words! coincidentally, I started playing the cello in my adolescence and what satisfaction this experience has brought me

Your music have been featured in the Artzone Music Curation list
Keep making great sounds

Courtesy: @julietisrael

That was awesome @cellomusic91. Thank you @julietisrael.

Thank you so much! @dandays

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You’re very welcome. I just listened to you again actually—thank you again! 👍🏿 Did you see this @edprivat? @splatz?

It's great to know. I've never seen them, I'll visit their blogs right now!

I do now, thanks for buzzing me in on this one. Now... Save Yourself!!! RUN!!!!


Hey @cellomusic91
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Thank you a lot, friend!

Sweet sounds. I knew that the cello was a string instrument, but I was not sure what sound would be produced from it.
You are truly an artist. @cellomusic91

Thank you very much for your words! yes, the cello has an enveloping sound, unique and has similarity with the human voice.

With you saying that it sounds similar to the human voice, I had to go back and listen again. Wow, you are so right.

That's great. Thank you again for listening!

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Well played... even if the song is from a band I don't really like. 😅

Congratulations on being featured by @dandays in an entry for the Pay It Forward Contest

That's great, i'm glad that you like it!

@trincowski. I’m not into that band either, I really can’t tell you one other song they sing. It just so happened, only a few months back, at a spot here in CR that song came on over the speaker—I really liked it.

After I found out who it was, I didn’t investigate any further but this young man’s cello version was just awesome! Thanks for showing your support trincowski, much appreciated! I’ll see you around sir.

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