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If you still haven’t heard about @pifc and their weekly curation challenge, click on this link and let’s fix that. Great job keeping this initiative running @thedarkhorse, @viking-ventures and thanks for keeping the judges honest @trincowski, @lynncoyle1.

Now it’s your turn, #community—help me out. I have two authors for you who deserve more attention, if you haven’t seen these articles yet, you’re missing out.


My first curation today is a cover song I just heard this morning by @cellomusic91, rep 48, and a member of #steemit for 1 year. The song is called Girl Like You originally performed by Maroon 5. :confession: I just heard this 12 month old song for the first time about two months ago—I really liked it. @cellomusic91 gives us an incredible rendition in this @dtube recording of Girls Like You on his cello—check it out:

Girl like you - Maroon 5 By CelloMusic91


Time of curation: 20 hours, 26 Upvotes, $0.36

Our second feature registered at #steemit a little over a year ago but only recently began blogging. In three months of activity, she’s released nine exceptional recipes complete with instructions, ingredients, etc. You really need to stop by her page and see for yourself—show your support while you’re there. She’s @tianablogs, rep 37, and obviously no stranger to #food blogging, welcome to #steemit! But you don’t have time to wait—hurry! Her most recent post is a smoothie and it’s five days old now—don’t miss the voting period! Check it out:

Best smoothie ever!


Time of curation: 5 days, 75 Upvotes, $0.56

Now it’s your turn, #community—help me out. I have two authors for you who deserve more attention, if you haven’t seen these articles yet, you’re missing out.


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Thank you for your entry. Both of your bloggers have been upvoted and your entry for Curation Contest:Week 60 is confirmed.

Excellent you guys, thank you for upvoting my features. See ya soon.

I hope you get two very good writers to your liking, I support this program

You should join in @ustazkarim. Just tell us about two articles you like and who published them.

Thanks for stopping by @ustazkarim.

Nice job my friend, I particularly enjoyed the cello.
This may have been the first time I've heard this instrument solo.

Good morning @thebigsweed, how’s it going on the Eastern side of the states? Sir, it’s been raining here since last Thursday— and night. They say it isn’t normal and that this is a tropical storm that’s supposed to pass on Monday but this is getting ridiculous. Water hasn’t stopped falling from the sky, often times a downpour, for a week!

I saw that you stopped by both of these features pages—thank you so much! That’s awesome of you.

Yeah, you know I’ve always liked string instruments when I hear them through the speakers but I’m with you, this may be the first time I’ve seen a cello played solo like that—@cellomusic91 did such a great job.

Thanks for stopping by @thebigsweed, it’s always a pleasure hearing from you.

My pleasure to support any projects you decide to get involved with.
The weather here has been really nice the past week or so. Memorial Day weekend the weather was great, 45 degrees at night and a sunny 70 to 75 degrees during the day.
Heck, a lot of people even went swimming, @farm-mom included.
Well, she just kind of floated around until several of our grandchildren pushed her off of the raft. The water was freezing.

Hi @dandays ... I'm glad to have followed your link to the Cello guy.

Don't tell anyone, but...'I' actually played the cello in my teens (Yes...AngryMan was mellow with the cello) before he became mean and angry...

  ·  6 months ago (edited)

Your secrets safe here. I saw you commented on his page, that’s really cool of you man, thank you!

After watching that cello performance, it actually made me consider looking into purchasing one. Man, it looks awesome! And, now that I know @angryman used to play... now I know it’s ’cool.’ 😉

For for stopping by @angryman. I really appreciate all of your support.

I kind of feel like purchasing a cello too, in order to play once again...It has a soothing, mellow sound (Good for the Soul)

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Howdy sir dandays! great selection and kudos for helping and recommending these steemians. How's it going down there anyway?

I’m glad you like them Janton—thank you! It seems like you and I both are spending less time on our blog these days. Thanks for taking the time to check this one out, sir. I really appreciate it.

It’s going great down here Janton, you know that! God’s the coolest dude in this conversation. We put the truck up for sale about 5 days ago and have a gentlemen flying in from Washington State tomorrow night to buy it—he’s moving his whole family down here August 1. Our passports expire July 2, we were planning on border hopping into Nicaragua to extend them but we won’t have to do that now. We’re going to pack up and turn our back on the entire country of Costa Rican 👍🏿

Thanks for stopping by @janton.

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howdy sir dandays! wow! that's news! I mean selling the truck? And leaving for good. The country just doesn't have what you would want for a retirement place anyway right? like plentiful, cheap, organic food for one thing, then there's the bribery culture.
Not to mention that you want to do alot of traveling before you get a more permanent place. Keep us informed.

I sure do appreciate all of your support, Janton. You’re a cool dude! You’ve given me another reason, other than just Austin, to appreciate Texas. 👍🏿

Keep is informed.


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oh you mean because steem is based in Austin? I heard that but wasn't really sure if it was true. We don't like Austin for several reasons but that's at least one good thing about it. ha, I misspelled "us" ..I guess I should check my spelling before I send comments. I appreciate you guys too sir dandays!

Nice to see you back in the contest, @dandays!

It’s nice to be back! This competition is really cool. Once I began curating, I never really let up. I’m finding myself doing a lot more of that these days than my own thing.

Thanks for judging this contest, sir! You’re awesome.

Thanks for stopping by @trincowski.

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Thanks @dandays! I cannot believe how supportive the steem community is!

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I was very surprised to read this article, brother! Thank you for taking us into account and for your initiative to help us. I hope you continue enjoying my publications. Thanks for your words!

  ·  6 months ago (edited)

Our pleasure, @cellomusic91. I followed your account and I’m looking forward to the next one.

Question: have you ever considered taking requests? I ask because while listening to you I was also thinking about Remember My Name by Fort Minor—have you ever heard it?

Thanks for stopping by @cellomusic91. Happy Friday, I’ll see you around.

Of course, I accept requests and suggestions! I'm going to listen the song and upload the video soon.

Great choices @dandays. I couldn't upvote the posts you featured due to the date. I was able to upvote another post of @tianablogs. Comments all around though.

@tryskele. I can’t type thank you big enough—you’re the best!

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Thanks for the support @tryskele

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how can I help you, as you say, maybe I can participate here

How can I help you,
As you say, maybe I can
Participate here

                 - sallamah

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

All you need to do to help me out on this one is say thank you to both of my featured authors with an Upvote. That would be very cool of you.

Thanks for stopping by @sallamah.

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thank you, I will try to see some interesting articles, I will really help as much as I can for you

@vinavira874, I was really curious how your reputation could be so low—a 3? I checked out your blog, the plagiarism explains it, you must have been the recipient of some pretty expensive downvotes.

Are you going to copy and paste my article too?

hahahaha I don't know how I found my way here. I am trapped. your savage response isn't regular. I think I have found my way out!🤣🤣

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no, I didn't do it, this is a mistake, maybe I should fix it too,

Are you saying you didn’t copy and paste this article directly from @organduo?

What about this one?

Thanks for pointing it out. I hope she will stop stealing and start creating...

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