How to make a pokemon on 3D. Round 2: Abra

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How to make a pokemon on 3D. Round 2: Abra

Hello friends from Steemit and Dtube, for thid Dvideo I wanted to show you my process of how I modeled an Abra in 3D, I record my screen working on the pokemon, and this is the result of that, I hope you like de video as much as I love creating it!, if you have some question, you can always post a comment, and I would definetly answer it!, don't be shy! :D.

And please if you like it, don't forget make a Resteem so other people can see it too, and please support me give and upvote so I can make some time to model something more, I acept donations too if you want. And If you want me to model something specific in 3D, you just need to ask!. My very best to all of you!, take care, and remember, we have to catch em' all :D


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How much work went Ito it? How many hours do you sit on sth like that? xD
Oh and did you do this music on your own?


Helloo!! thank you for your comment. Well I spend about 4 days to make this Abra and a Scene that I wiil publish the process these days. But you can see the Final Picture in one of my old post here:

And for the las question, no I downloaded the music on youtube, but it's very cool right?? haha.

Thank you for your comment! :D


Hey, if you ever make a video game and you need some music, just tell me;)....I really would like to do a video-game soundtrack :O.

This looks like a crazy amount of work, but great job!


Thank you very much!.. soon I will publish some othe speed modeling video! :D I hope you like it too!


I'll keep an eye out for it!

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OMG!, Thank you Very much @Curie Team!. Thank you for support me, and gave me a little bit of your time to see my post, I hope you like it very much!, and soon I hope to post another Speed Modeling video!. :D

If you need something sometime, just comment me!. have a nice day! :D

Wow, just wow...
Everything that happened in these five minutes..
I think it would take me ages to get as much work done as you did in those fast forwarded ten seconds. You've got serious talent my friend, splendid work!


haha thank you very much!, yes It's looks very complex in 5 minutes, but that's because I speed up, but the real time was 10 hours straight. Like working 3 days with some break ups to eat and have a normal life, hahaha. But I like it very much creating it!. I hope model some other pokemon character in the future. Will see! :D thank you for your comment!

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I really loved the processes how it is created. Sometimes it makes me wonder how fascinating our brain is. We completely make the process in our mind then give them the shape. Awesome work. Congrats for the curie upvote.


Thank you very much!!, I really appreciate your comment!. Well you're right, the mind and the brain are a complex machine!! and with thems we can do amazing things :D