3D Speed Modeling of a real Shellder of Pokemon

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3D Speed Modeling of a Shellder of Pokemon

Hello my very good brothers and sisters of Dtube and Steemit, in this time I show to you my process of the 3D modeling of Shellder, but in this time I wanted to use real concepts of an oyster as an idea to create this pokemon. In this video you will see how was my strategy to make this Shellder in 3D. I hope you like it very much and motivate me with your vote and reesteem so I can model so much more 3D pokemons. thank you very much for reading and watching me, se you nex time!


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Great work:)

thank you very much @jellenmark I like see you around here, thank you for invoking the Sneaky ninja in my post. I really appreciate it. I hope to see new projects of yours in 3D and maybe we will work together in one. What do you say?. hahaha thank you very much and I send you a hug <3

Hey, no worries:) It‘s hard for me to keep up with posting on Steemit. At the beginning I was posting all sorts of stuff and then decided to stick with 3D, but I am bad at decisions and rendering^^ Do you have an idea? I want to change my style of characters and maybe try more with objects or enviroment:)

Oh I understand that!... hahaha but why you tell that your bad at decisions and renderings?... well, right now I want to create some 3D models of 2D popular cartoons(and that why I model that Shellder haha), but do it with my own designs and of course with a realistic shape, or real as I can, hahaha. These days I saw a 3D render of the cliff stone of the lion king movie of Disney. And it was sooo real and soo cool! That I wanted to make the same! Or something like that. And I was thinking to myself, why I didn’t think that before? Hahah. We can model something like that! What do you think? :D

Hey I am so sorry, I didn‘t check my replies and just read this! I would love to collaborate. At the moment I don‘t have much time, but in a few weeks, I could do some extra work on weekends. Do you have references for me?:)

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¡Saludos! Tu post ha sido votado y ha tenido resteem por el proyecto @votomasivo.

Apreciación: Excelente trabajo, realmente tienes una técnica muy bien lograda, ese pokemon quedo genial!!

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Muchas gracias por su comentario y apreciasión tan genuina y particular de su equipo @votomasivo. Me encanta leerlos y que puedan tomarse el tiempo de dedicarme un poco de su tiempo. Les deseo éxitos en todo lo que se propongan, muchos saludos.

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Thank you very much for your vote, and thank you @jellenmark for summoned @sneaky-ninja :D I really like what you did for me! :D

it looks nice

Thank you very much my friend!!

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