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I'm working on my strategy today and talk a little about that. Props to @captainbob for his recent reviews. Check out his channel to hear about some geeky gear!

Lastly, I'm asking for subs for my @acousticguitar YouTube channel as part of my strategy. Come and help a brother out if you can!

YouTube Channel



Below are Amazon affiliate links that you can use to support my channel and my content. Click them to visit Amazon in your locale and then anything you buy in that browsing session will support me as a solo content creator.

Thank you.

PreSonus Digital Mixer:
Apollo Twin Duo:
UAD-2 Satellite:
Wireless Mic:

Camera -
Lens -
SmallRig Cage:

Amaran Desktop LED:
Key Light:

Hi, I'm Cams, a music teacher on the Isle of Arran in Scotland. I've been playing guitar since 1991 and gigging for over 15 years. I teach privately at my home on Arran and enjoy making video lessons and podcasts about the guitar world. I am what could safely be called a guitar geek!

If you want to know more about me and my instruments, check out and

Thank you for watching!

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Strategy is always good. I'm enjoying the your "vlog." series lately. I think it is great for you to just create regularly. I know that I personally struggle with that sometimes. I create in bursts and then get busy with life/work or something else, and the creative takes a back stage. Consistency is something I'm working more on. I know that I could save videos and stretch out my posting, but somehow, I have a hard time with that, lol. Once I create something, I have a real desire to share it immediately. Any advice?


Thanks Brad. I'm in a good place just now and feeling motivated and creative. Would that it were always so! A big, and perhaps the biggest, part of my strategy is to think of this as work. So I need to clear the decks of distractions and plan my day. Till now I've been walking dogs, mowing the lawn, clearing the kitchen, going to the shop, taking a shower, all the things that should really be done outside of working hours. Okay, I know as a freelance all hours are working hours, but I figure if I at least do a 10 till 6 kind of working day and do the chores before and after, I'll be much more productive. Oh, and have a plan for when I sit down to start. That I'll tweak over time. Setting goals too. I'm starting with a goal of getting 10 private pupils a week in as short a time as I can achieve that.


Sounds like a good plan. Keep us updated as you go along. I think this is a great learning experience for others who might be going through similar things. Thanks for sharing.

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