What is Open Source Software?

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Today on Ask Cahlen I’ll be answering the questions, “What is Open Source Software?”

Open Source Software are applications you can run on your PC or Smartphone which make their code available to the public. This allows you to verify they are secure and to modify them to suit your needs. In most cases they are also free to use!

If you’d like to find an Open Source alternative to proprietary software, check out this website: https://osalt.com/

Cahlen Lee

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DUDE! I met Glenn Winningham last night. He came to northwest Arkansas.

Nice! What were your in-person impressions?

I was taken by surprise really to see him. I showed up to the meetup last night not knowing what we were going to be discussing and as soon as I walked in there he was. I'm like WTF!? You brought Glenn here too? WOW! Small world. Glenn's in Texas so of course he is in the this law circle with Cary Zolman and David Straight.

Of course Glenn had no clue who I was so I didn't bring up our incident that happened 3 years ago. I was cool. He was actually a pretty cool guy who had some good information for us. For a donation he was giving out his Texas plates for your car he made along with some laminated copies of laws and Supreme Court cases and definitions to use in court if you are ever dragged in there. Of course I already had plates and my own Common Law ID and stuff. I wish I would of brought them to show him mine so I could get his input if he thinks mine would be effective or not. I got the private plates from Trent Goodbaudy. I did however bring my real American flag I just got in the mail to share with the rest of the group. The flag with the red bars vertical and NOT horizontal, the flag of war that we all know of as the American flag. Soon I'm going to be making a blog about this hoping to educate those following me here on Steemit.

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