What is a Wizard?

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Today on Ask Cahlen I'll be answering the question, "What is a Wizard?"

A wizard is someone who dedicates themselves to discovering the truth, using that knowledge with wisdom, and sharing that knowledge for the benefit of others.

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Your definition of the (wise witch or) Wizzard, is spot on! It defines a warrior-sage, who walks a "Taoist" vigilant path of balance, ever active and ready to perform their "magic", which is nothing more than a (miraculous) be-holding (seeing and concentrating this "knowing" that IS pure - selfless - observation). It may seem to others as "fantastical"or as if an individual is gifted with super-natural powers. Instead a wizzard/witch or "Magus" (cf Tarot, card 1, the first step of the whole wizzard-Path), as you say, seeks truth and acts beneficially in service to others, wielding only his natural, god-given, powers or potential to be spirit incarnate and to know it.

You also cover how such a seer or knower (of higher knowledge) will not instruct or preach but informs in accord with the other's understanding (often a silent request of soulful plea). Yes, this individual must also decide on behalf of the other, which is not to oppress or control but to identify with and recognise need. It makes them a kind of Soul Assistant.

This Wizzard (who needless to say can also be a she) is a leader in the development of the faculty of man to know right from wrong action and in being responsible for eachother.

We have a duty of care towards eachother, with only one aim in mind: freeing all souls to act wisely. Wisdom applied as transformational power is reserved for human acts alone (animals or plants, and even minerals, are not wise unless we consider they are naturally being themselves; but this is to manifest Divine/Cosmic wisdom).

Everybody needs some kind of protection, restriction and facilitation. Clearly, only immaculate souls can be "put in charge" of how to aid any other being (sentient or otherwise: see @sina-adventure's post on saving the insect from drowning. This immaculacy or impeccability is not to BE perfect but to aspire to the transformation of vice and work towards self-improvement for the sake of all beings.

One is not ordained such a role as a priest, nor initiated by a very specific order. But there will be spiritual training required, and one can receive this in many different forms, within any relgion (that which helps tie you back to your spiritual origin) and with the help of any inspiration (breath of the "spirits").

Some kind of solitude will be necessary to lead a contemplative life that helps the wizzard become more concentrated (a closer listener to his heart, that ear that hears Higher Will). It is easier to be a silent sage: refusing a position of responsibility (often they remove themselves to live on "mountaintops"). And these have their place in assisting the wizzard in turn, who simply is a soul in a specific spiritual aid-worker function.

A Wizzard is more actively involved in the "salvation of mankind"; hence my term "warrior-sage" (once upon a time casually borrowed - but now aptly used - from the Human Potential Movement as defined by the late Stuart Wilde, who may himself have associated, maybe unwittingly, too much with sourcery at some turns of his own incarnation, but makes therefore an interesting character in the study of modern-day wizzards and the complex traps they face in cultivating impeccability and having an effective place in - on the fringe of - our societies).

Your observations about the corruption of the pharmaceutical industry and the myth of the "evil" of Cancer as promoted by the Sourcerers is one that I share entirely. Cancer is real, often inevitable (even with a healthy life style, and brutal when having to "bear it") but it is wiser to say: it can and will cause death rather than appointing it the power to kill. The actual dying process then remains reserved as a magical act, conscious and self-defined.... not easy to get one's head around that idea which is not at all meant flippantly or with any delusional pretentions. As you say, the "cure" currently consists of poisoning not only the physical body but also one's free will and spiritual understanding...

The Inedianism (or Breatharianism) you mention in passing is a fascinating research subject in and of itself! As a spiritual researcher I have looked into what it might add to our wise entrepreneurship etc. Will it "testify" to anything, and if so what? How to prevent it from becoming a "magic trick" or a "self-indulgence" - of tolerating considerable and varied inconveniences this alternative life-condition brings with it - often not even a "choice", say for example, if you get this along with other manifestations of spiritual reality, say like the stigmata, thinking of Judith von Hallé.

I didn't mean to needlessly paraphrase or expand upon anything already covered in your brilliant and thoroughly uplifting video full of calm, wise, responsible observations, but couldn't help myself from sharing how inspired I found your words. May they inspire all! Or so I wish and to this I lift my magic wand....

Keep sharing!! (With or without a body! Great effect of the "floating head").

I am very grateful for your reply @sukhasansister! I did not consider it a needless paraphrase in the slightest, as it served to deeply encourage me and expand my mind on the topics I discussed in the video.