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Shout out to Cabro Cervesa for sponsoring this show with Familia De Nadie! Lot of dancing and good times at Hostel Del Lago.
Familia de Nadia rocked the house. 2 hours of straight dancing.
I made this video almost like a promo for Cabro.... an @Buttcoins kinda weird Promo 😂 without the support of Cabro....we could not have afforded such a great band!

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You got a resteem :-) Thanks to @flipstar for his resteem.


Nice to have you pop in to my vlog😎
Yeah @flipstar is a sweet guy... quality chap!

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you getting quite good but how can a happy hour be all night?

When I checked out the boat I remembered your walk to work vlog you should do some of those from time to time I really enjoyed this.


Yes happy hour has its own meaning beyond it grammatically correct meaning.
Actual we have a happy hour everyday. But it is really happy 2 hours... 5-7. But we say happy hour from 5-7.
Funny little language quirk. I guess it could be called ‘cheap shit time’. But is less catchy.

Yeah. I’ve been thinking to do more straight 1 take talking vlogs with no edits.

I spend so much time editing... that just a point a shoot vlog sounds appealing. Thanks for reminding me😎

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Man.... It really looks like the good times were rolling with Cabro Noche De Verano 🙂

Dancing the night away at del Lago. Looks like a blast m8!

Wow that's what I call a good time. I do not understand the words to the song but you'll be dancing on the floor. It has been a while now since I got a chance to party all night long. Great vid.