Grilling with Broncofan99: How to cook RIBS

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The next installment of our grilling series is here and it’s a doozy. BBQ ribs is a family favourite at our house and when we are making them the people in this house start circling like vultures. We make ribs a few times each summer and occasionally through the winter so they are considered a treat. If the kids had it their way I would be grilling ribs almost every week.


It all starts at the butcher. Our butcher has the most amazing cuts of meat and the selection of ribs is no different. They are always large and the colour is perfect. To be honest, it is hard not to buy them more often because they look so good. Once the ribs have come up to room temperature I start with seasoning them. I put a generous layer of seasoning over the ribs and rub them right into the meat. Some of our favourite spice rubs include Garlic seasoning and Cajun.

After the ribs are seasoned, I pour beer in the bottom of the pan and then cover them with aluminum foil. The beer is an important step. It gives some great flavour to the meat and it helps to create a nice steam effect so that the ribs start to become super tender while cooking. The ribs are then SLOW cooked in the oven. 3 hours at 225 degrees


After the ribs are out of the oven it is grilling time. The ribs are cut up into smaller portions and placed on the grill. They are slow cooked on the grill and sauced repeatedly. The goal is to caramelize layers of sauce all over both sides of the ribs. There is no such thing as too much sauce when we are talking about ribs. The more, the better.

I have to say, the family went a little crazy at dinner time and devoured these ribs like they were the last meal they were ever going to have. It is always a feel-good moment when you see everyone enjoying your food that much.

Happy Grilling!!!

Created by @hansenatortravel

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Why did i have to watch this while hungry? These look amazing. I am going to have to try this out this weekend. Awesome video.


Yes!!!! Inspiring more eating is all the reward I need. I can't wait to see your ribs!!!

Grilling is indeed the most exciting activity, especially if you do it with your family.

Happy weekend!


Agreed and they love it so much.

Oh my. Those look just terrific.

How is it you always post food about the time I'm ready to think of lunch? That's like painful.

I actually have a couple of racks of pork ribs that I bought on sale in the freezer. I think it's just about time at my house too.


Get them out!!!! Any day is a good day for ribs!!!

That looks delicious, @brocofan99. I could eat ribs every day. In my country you leave the meat spiced for 24 hours so that it catches all the flavor. I hope you haven't put all the beer on the meat and left some to cool down while the grill is being made. hahahahahaha. Have a good meal and for the next one, invite. Greetings!!!


I could eat them every day too. They are so good. The cooking beer is important for both the food and the chef.

I love ribs!! I also love it when my supermarket comes out with 3 for the price of 1 haha. These look amazing. I like to cook mine the same way, slow cook in the oven then finish them off on the grill, with lots of bbq sauce. oh my! so yummy! Great video man!


Thanks. They turned out great. The kids are already asking me to make them again.


Yeah they looked like they turned out awesome! Always awesome when the kids like it too. haha

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zomg! that looks so delicious!! i love your video xx


Thanks!!! I wish I could share.

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I wish we had 3 d food printers so I could download your creation and print some out...MMMM I love ribs!