How to use your RC (Resource Credits) to Harvest Steem Blockchain Assets!

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Did you know that your Resource Credits are an asset that may be use as currency to help others open new Steem Blockchain Accounts? Today I show you how to use the RC to your advantage and help others on-board onto the Steem Blockchain.

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lol man. you don’t know how much this video helped me.

been seeing that at steemworld for a while now and thought it was too good to be true.

and was wondering why i never saw anyone talk about it.

thanks for this video. helped me so much.

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I need text version for this video,could u help me?

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Thank you for doing this! Resteemed to my 7600 followers!!

Hey thanks man!

Very interesting, thank you 👍

Hey @broncnutz this was a good and detailed tutorial on how to use our RC for other things instead of posting and commenting :) I am claiming accounts for some weeks now and yeah it is aawesome to give new users an account in seconds without any private data of them :D Did it for a few people already :)

Because this is a tutorial and you share your knowledge, I want to suggest this video as #awesomediycontent! Even if this is waaayy far away from the common sence of diy :P

Thanks for sharing this!


Good advice man! For claiming account tokens you can also use for the simple reason it has a claim bot.

It will create tokens over and over until you say stop. Saves a lot of time over doing it manually.

I claimed over a 1000+ tokens already for the same reason as you. Don't know yet how I will use them yet, but considering charges $2,50 per account I'd say I claimed $2500 so far :)

His video was helpful and the site that you pointe did us to is great. It would be nice to see a market for these claimed accounts.

Nice! Thanks for the link....this is great.

awesome link!

I will try to use the website.thanks!

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  1. I need to get back to farming haha
  2. Wow, I didn't realise how easy it was to claim accounts. I keep meaning to do it but I'm lazy.

Awesome video.

Wow. I didn’t knew this. Great men!!

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Finlay I have understood your suggest.Really your motivational video touching my heart.I am abide by your suggestions.Thank you so much sir

greeting, broncnutz

Excelent introducion man!! I liked hehehe.
I am not so proficient to underestand a person talking in english language, but, i will try to underestand what you think better.

Thank you a lot for this tutorial!

Very interesting!

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Haha i totally appriciate your post. Sp is very important for us. We always learn from your great video. Now steem price going up. And good days are coming back. Thanks for sharing.@broncnutz.

Great video. I am really hoping soon i will reach the milestoone of steem power that will allow using resources credit to create steem account. Like 5,000sp

Great step. Very nice post. Thanks for sharing .

Killer! And @hippyman and your other accounts I think I've seen? Wow! Shit voting sharing and following!

Nice work and I'm always trying to onboard people so killer news. I gotta build up more sp but I'm trying for sure!

Thanks for the tip I'm gonna try when I can get enough RCs

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Thanks for the tips... Currently I am around 1k SP, but I hope that I will get to bigger numbers soon...
Please continue with this kind of videos.... You are doing them very well...
Thanks again! Cheers!

That's a great video for steemians to utilise the best of RC

Great info. Thank you ..

@broncnutz, Cool opening of this video brother. And if we can then definitely we should onboard more users and for sure every contribution will add to effective Number Of User Expansion. Stay blessed.

This kind of information is very helpful. Thanks!

I just got over 50 accounts ready to go! The costs to claim these accounts fluctuate a bit between 7k-10k RCs but a great resource is that show you all the costs to transact on the blockchain including the cost of claiming an account.

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Keep on making it rain man

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Thank you! This is really helpful info. You should link these posts to one another. All these easy-to-use info on the Blockchain.


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I will study it later,so resteem firstly.

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I have no clue what this "resourcecredits" is about.

hopefully I understand it, once I actually read this post!

Came to say "hi" though, since you did not notice me greet you over on "moonsteem"


I am a fan of those type of mini-games. Currently shooting for a 12x win!

thx for info....

Great to learn this, I try it when I have more Steem power

Amazing video @broncnutz. Thank you for these information