Epstien Dead? What? More lies and cover up, this is sick!

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How could this happen?

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Corruption at high levels! The swamp is filling up with gators!

Dtube has a week with his new hardfork, let's give him a chance. They are working hard.

Yup. It isn't just you. Maybe later. I am up for a conspiracy theory this morning!


I'd like to see that job!

After a lot of months, coming to @broncnutz post looks quite good. But why this video is not playing.

Maybe you should use 3Speak in the Future like @exyle ........

Exactly my thoughts as soon as I heard the news. Don’t believe it for one hot minute!!! I hope he rats everyone out and then spends the rest of his life in a witness protection torture camp.

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Try out using 3speak

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I dont know why this video is not loading but i did everything i always do to upload.

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I tried to see several dtube posts. It looks like it doesn't work at the moment.

You can upload dtube videos through YouTube link which is preferable. Or better still dash into 3speak.online for large video upload.

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