Kitchen Chaos W/Broncnutz **EPIC Waffle Iron Fail**

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I can cook very well but i am not good a baking or making waffles. This is now my third attempt and they are terrible. Enjoy some Kitchen Chaos and laughs at my expense.

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I enjoyed watching this great video

But I see the opposite. You are a skilled cook

you have to kook it a little bit longer so its gets done in the middle. just keep practice )))

I thing you are pretty good at baking too 👍

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wow.. its too thick....... thats for sure.. haha,. it should be about to spread itself ...
I would put soda water into the mix .. the bubbles would make it fluffy....

Pow Wow ! I love waffles

And you have a very fancy waffle machine

look at this video

the texture is liquid..

Oh, wow! You put a tiny spray of Pam on there. I spray it on both sides of the waffle iron so that it merely slides on out of there. That is why they were resisting you. ;))

I use a fork to mix the batter and honestly, don't spread the batter (which looked a bit thick to me!) Okay, it was a lot thick. Anyway, don't spread the batter around. If it won't pour smoothly into the iron, it is too thick. I also use a measuring cup (small ones) to pour it in. That way, I always have the right amount of batter to go in. I put the iron on 80% as I live in the Washington, DC area. You can play around with the temp. The batter is way more important and the Pam is essential.

Good luck!


Let's do this again sometime. :))

Well sometimes that happen mostly always ;p

Hey @broncnutz been a while but I think I can help you with your waffle dilemma. First thing is the batter was waaaaaay too thick. You need to thin it out a bit so its more like a thicker pancake batter instead of a pizza dough.

Second, you did not oil the iron enough to make it easy for the waffle to release properly. Oiling only the center of the bottom iron will make only the center of the waffle on the bottom iron release. Both irons need to be oiled completely with your PAM.

Last, altitude has alot to do with cook times, and it's Chemistry. Rather than getting into the ideal gas equation and the relationship between pressure and temperature, I find that putting the iron on 75% - 90% heat for about 8-10 minutes per waffle works best for me here in Denver. Hope that helps with the waffles on your next try.

Been a long time since we caught up. Next time I'm making my way down to the Springs maybe we can catch up for a bit. Hope it's all good on your end.

De los errores se aprende estimado amigo.! Y luego de varios intentos verás el resultado..

Batter should pour cuz smh.

Haha haha!! Keep at it @broncnutz, practice makes perfect. 😄 not bad.

Hahaha really funny don't practice makes perfect sooner you will become good and perfect in baking , you still need to learn the act of baking 😁

if you come to cook, then it is a surprise for us. because I have tried to cook, but the taste does not come at all in our food.

Wao sir you are good and perfect chief. You are really talented man. This food looks to much yummy. I want to eat this yummy food. I m so enjoying your video. Thanks for sharing.

Hahahah lol if experimenting on things while cooking best of luck to you for your things.

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Cooking is a science, so a chef needs to be precise. Every ingredient and measurement must be exact.

I feel hungry now Haha seems you are a genius with cooking

AJAJJAJAJAJA Believe me I am as bad as you making waffles. Xdd

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