[dtube] Daily: Altcoins to Pluto / Etherdelta Hacked

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Etherdelta has issued a statement saying that their exchange might be hacked. Altcoins are going to pluto, with some coins growing by 40%+ today.
1:00 Market Analysis
4:34 Ether Delta Hacked?
5:22 Coinbase Investigates accusations of insider trading
6:55 Charlie Lee sells his Litecoins
8:30 GMO Internet's Crypto Mining Facility Is Up and Running

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EtherDelta is back on line now . Those who access via hard ware wallet like Ledger Nano S are not affected.Thank God.

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LOL I use Etherdelta for the first time and my ETH was stolen. FML

Looks like Charlie Lee's timing was right or his news has affected some sentiment. This morning is starting out rough for the crypto market.

Thanks for your content, but I do not know what if this alt coins' growth going to be sustainable or not.

That's crazy this alt coins growth it's very nice.

Glad i didn't buy any yesterday i was so close to getting some CAT

telah mengeluarkan sebuah pernyataan yang mengatakan bahwa pertukaran mereka mungkin akan diretas.

Upvoted! Love all your informative vids!

Interesting news, thanks for the information,

But how important is it really that Charlie lee sold his Litecoin? Like is this going to start a sell off? Because i am still holding mine with a profit. But I dont want to blindly hold them and get burned.

Very good.i like video.

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Very good video
I want you to take another one to see it

Thank God! It had been a long time am looking forward to seeing your new post ,fortunately am online when you post and really enjoyed the video and tap from your wisdom towards binance.i really appreciate the content,it

Very excellent post .i like video.

great,always keep the good work up

Bounty0x has set up a $100k bounty for information leading to the arrest of the hacker. Read more here- https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@magpielover/bounty0x-offers-usd100k-reward-for-finding-the-etherdelta-hacker

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