[dtube] Daily: China Mining Ban? Crypto $763B Marketcap Cap!!!!

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Rumors are floating around that China wants to ban Cryptocurrency mining. Cryptocurrency markets hit a cap of 763 Billion dollars.
0:58 Market Analysis
4:58 Will China Ban Mining?
7:02 Sneaky Crypto Malware Miners Are Targeting Ad Networks
8:40 South Korea Law Firm Fights New ‘Unconstitutional’ Crypto Trading Regulations

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China's going to be leading this race for a while. It is still by far the biggest miner in the world.

I think this is temporary

It could be an opportunity for the miners in other countries...
Anyway, who believes???

right, that is it,

China is killing the mining with their cheap electricity

I don´t think so. I look now at the total market cap for more then 3 month and it is increasing all the time. At the moment we are over the 800.000.000 !!!

I think POS will grow even more this year!

1 trillion dollar by end of the month

Not great rumors for the coins and miners who have huge investment in China. It would take them time to move and recover. If true that's good news for POS.

Exactly. Isn't there already a ban on chinese exchanges? This will make it more difficult for people in China to get into cryptocurrency.

If they ban, the more interest will rise. China is a big country with a huge population. Difficult to regulate everyone.

hot news today. If this is true, the price will rise sharply

They might succeed in banning the mining rigs since these are physically entities but would not succeed in restricting the use and trading of crypto currencies by the Chinese. Miners, if banned would be forced to relocate their equipment to neighboring locations.

boxmining!! Thank you, your Post.

Thanks for the information

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I think China is forced to their own cryptos and therefore the want to eliminate the established ones (short-term). On the long run China won't be able to stop this phenomena, but I assume them to be clever enough to profit from their solution like we have seen in the past - keyword: currency, foreign direct investments

China will regret banning of ICOs....LMAO,,,

bitcoins gonna crash

i this is not on permanent basis becouse thousend of people will get unemployed

China always temporary bans stuff which has happened hundreds of times in past history.

Although it may effect the crypto, but banning mining in China will not put an end to the success so far achieved. Beside how much control can the government have on mining, me think the miners can go underground or route it through some other associates and business goes on. Worst case scenario is for the miners to relocate and leave China and it will be business as usual. My thoughts.

Would be insane if China bans ctypto. Absolutely missing out on the investment opportunities. Biggest wholesale market in the world is there. dayum. Wouldn't want to live there when THAT happens...

It is probably illegal in Kim Jong uno's country

posts that can be very outdoors, teach us that we can post the right, greeting steemit

@boxmining for how long do you think we will be able to see a MKT Cap increase rate similar to the one we had on 2017. For how long would that be "sustainable"? Is it time to start thinking about market saturation?

Sooo sad why they banned on mining friend.
May be banned removed soon .
i pray for you friend don't be sad .
God bless you!!!!

Thanks for always keeping us up to date! Always look forward to your vids!

1B by the end of January

No, they are not banned. Please refer to the news.

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I have a feeling, mining soon will dissapear at all.

The People's Bank of China Quashes Bitcoin Mining Ban Rumor in China 😶

Good post but China will definitely ban cryptocurrency

The reason why China is looking to ban concurrency is because

  1. It is a direct threat to the Chinese Yuan. It is no secret that that the Chinese government sets the value of their currency. They purposely lower the yuan because it attracts foreign investors to use Chinese labor to manufacturer global goods. Money manipulation gave rise to their rapid growth and success .

  2. Cryptocurrency undermines government and government power is absolute in China.

Didn't know point 1, but makes perfect sense.

The transaction bitcoin hangs a month in the network. Tell me what to do?

excuse me!!
I think u left out 'Not' . Check out your comment.

hehe, what are the mining farms ment to do now?

China's dictatorship

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