[dtube] FiresideCrypto: Binance / Ripple / Tron / Raiblocks / TenX

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In this Fireside Crypto, I talk about the recent altcoin boom that took crytocurrency markets to a 800 Billion dollar market cap. I get the chance to talk about what I think about the hottest coins this week: Raiblocks, Tron, Ripple and Binance. I also talk about the wavecrest issue which led to the sudden cancellation of multiple crypto visa cards

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some people said ripple harm crypocurreny. I do not know should we still buy some.

God bless you

Boxmining please upvote me

I remember a few month prior to Ripple XRP rocket launched, we were at just $0.21 and slowly moving up - down. We speculated $1 by 2018 and everyone was excited about it. Now we see that $2.90 was nothing for this monster and after doing some thorough analysis we came up with a possible outcome for Ripple XRP long term. https://steemit.com/ripple/@adriangana/high-probability-xrp-eyeing-26ksats-in-2-3-days-for-short-term

Thanks @ Boxmining science, let me learn a lot. I am also very hard to learn these professional knowledge!

Thanks for dtube

check out my ripple technical analysis on my page

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Crypto sure has moved a lot in the past few months.

The numbers are becoming mind boggling...

BUT, There are still great investments to be made in the space and more is coming every day.

Here's to 2018!


i have put alot money in tron

Sell, Tron won't stay in the top 10.

it was necessary to invest in ripple $)but the trone is good too ;)

Great video boxmining!

box mining send me sum steem am your newest fan hahahaha

very nice

Agreed, tron is sketchy af. It is not clear in the whitepaper what they want to be exactly, they basically want to do everything and have a 10 year long roadmap. To me this is a big red flag. Best to do one thing and do it right than try to do everything and screw it badly.

Wow!! It's a great news. I have come to know about various cryptocurrency by reading your post. I am new here and feel happy that you are a great supporter. Thanks for sharing your post.

wow, quite impressve, blockchain.info tells me that your bitcoin wallet address has recieved $96000 worth of donations. Is this considered as an income from "Tips?"

i believe ripple will boom further and is next bitcoin

I hope your right!! 🤑

Same here ... seriously considering buying some #tron @fernandorivera

BTw Justin Sun was one of the first graduates o Jack Ma's University, yes Jack Ma owns a University, its called Hangzhou Normal University, they did not graduate from the same University. Just did Graduate from the University of Pensylvania. You should clarify that comment. Also apprently Tron is meant to be a non-profit organisation, and I cannot see it that way......

Deer Steemit Community, I want to apologise for what appears to be an error in my above post, I thought I had received the info from a reliable source, but Justin apprantly hasn't graduated from Jack Ma's University. I have linked Justin's Linked in profile here

Tron, on the other hand. I think it's a typical pump and dump scam. Look at the creator , his behavior, his comments, his twitter. Such an ignorant.

tenx is always the one on my watchlist. Their effort to make cryptocurrency useful in real life is one of the most important thing that this whole community should focus on. Kudos to your vid. Thanks.

i have recently invested in Ripple. Now i have nothing to invest :P

you forgot to talk about rai blocks ;(

es todo una revolución el mercado de las cryptomonedas sin dudas se aprende bastante, quien dice que me equivoco.

I really dig what Justin is doing honestly the live stream was bad but it shed some light on who he is and what he's aiming for so in that regard he did a good job. I feel like Trx is something that will blow up in the next couple of months and we'll all look back at how the market is currently and just laugh. Regardless awesome video, im super new to d tube and steemit in general you def gained a follow from me :P

U sir are a genius

All these exchanges above aren't accepting new accounts and Cryptos are pumping like never before, just imagine what's going to happen once they do...Crazzy :D

I'm still #hodling my $bnb and $ADA coins for the long run.


Smart contracts are deterministic exchange mechanisms controlled by digital means that can carry out the direct transaction of value between untrusted agents. They can be used to facilitate, verify, and enforce the negotiation or performance of economically-laden procedural instructions and potentially circumvent censorship, collusion, and counter-party risk. In Ethereum, smart contracts are treated as autonomous scripts or stateful decentralized applications that are stored in the Ethereum blockchain for later execution by the EVM. Instructions embedded in Ethereum contracts are paid for in ether (or more technically "gas") and can be implemented in a variety of Turing complete scripting languages.

Thanks bro...

Boxmining you are grate man.

please upvote me i am new

this blog contains so much information about currency, i really love such a informative blog

its raining altcoins in 2018!

yeah it is!

Wow Ripple going down again now at 2.67$

I enjoyed your channel

I just like your post

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Wow that's amazing @boxmining. Ripple has actually ripped the coin market and has indeed caused massive rise in the coin market cap. It's a good thing I got it when it was at 0.5 dollars. Presently now it's 3.06 dollars. I believe it will keep rising and so will other coins. The crypto market will reach it's boom this year as more and more people are being enlightened about them. Great post @boxmining

Thanks for dtube

ripple will come in 2018 so much trough the insvestments by over 100 banks the got a solid paymentmethod, one which will enforce im sure guys buy now !

crypto is good

My brother was lucky to get one binance account but I haven´t

Thank you for the video man! Acctually this video helped me a lot because i dont know that much crypto currency and it really did help me thanks! I hope you achieve all the goals you have about crypto! Have a nice day!

@boxmining i just subscribed to your awesome Youtube channel... please upvote me as i am new to the Steemit family! :)

Surprise,i like boxmining please upvote me.

I don't think we are too far from reaching $1 Trillion market cap. It will probably be before the end of this month.

Agree. Any ideas for end of 2018? potential is so big.

I am thinking $2.5 Trillion easily.

So right now Ripple could, if all were freed, be worth 300 Billion? That's yuge. I always like to have an idea about these other coins, even though I am not an investor, I just like to know. Actually I had never even heard of railblock. As for the cards I live in Honduras I don't believe they are of any use here.
I'll wait for your next video I found this one very informative.
Now I have a question for you, who is @thejohalfiles?

beautiful please upvote me thank you

I bought some ripple and feel confident in its success. Feeling a little doubtful about tron but stil considering taking the risk.

Great post! I must commend you for commenting on the boom of altcoin that took the cryptocurrency to all time high of $800 billion dollar market cap. By your write up on this you have enlightened me greatly, so keep it up. I follow and upvote you.

Tron (Trx) next Jetplane will land over 0.0002000btc $ 1.50

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Great post :) Loving it. All the way up!!!!


just stumbled upon cryptocurrency and stuff and been researching since yesterday, luckily I've seen your youtube channel and I've learned alot so far. thanks! I just wanna ask thou I'm thinking on investing on altcoins first, is it a good idea to invest in altcoins? I wanna take the risk thou cheers!

Anyone have any thoughts if popular youtubers entered steem and how it would affect it.

Personally I feel drive and steem still has a ways to go. We have some people stealing content from YouTube and uploading it on dtube and steem. This kinda ruins the whole ecosystem of dtube and steem.
We could and should learn from what others are doing on YouTube and create content similar to it. However, this can only work if we all push steem to new users.

Ripple is not a cryptocurrency. There's no cryptographic algorithm nor proof within its system. It could be turned off, modified, reset, closed, blocked - anytime by the creators. Worst is the fact the bulk of the coins are controlled by the Banksters. The people you wanted to avoid in the first place when you dabbled into cryptocurrency.

Nice and helpful post man. Keep up the good work☺

Nice and helpful post man. Keep up the good work☺

great video amazing work

yah crypto is in camera nowadays peoples wanna watch its movement

I am gonna subs your channel. Plz upvote me @boxmining

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