Panic Is The First Response To Every New Situation, Try To Change That

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Panic is the first response that most people give to anything new in their environment or situation. For example, the flight is delayed, panic. The cat isn't eating well, panic. But in this video, I am asking you to try a different way of reacting to the world.

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I know these panic situations as well. Most times it´s an overreaction and mostly not needed. It´s absolutely important to observe the situation from outside before we stress our body. Why do I have these panic reaction? In my opinion there are negative emotions behind our reactions. Thanks for your awesome video!

Thanks for your support!

You're absolutely right.

it's difficult to find peoples who doesn't panic at first sight of some situation.

I myself do this more often which I should change i understand.
not only me... everyone should try to change that...

Thanks for your insight!

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