Meet The Steemians: Episode 17 - @alexshumsky Part 1

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Meet The Steemians

Episode: 17 - @alexshumsky Part 1

Yo Yo my Steemies, Wattup?

Welcome to episode 17 of my weekly video podcast series, Meet The Steemians.

Meet The Steemians is where you can get to know your fellow steemians, in a relaxed, organic, casual conversation, where the agenda is; no agenda.


Tonight's special guest, @alexshumsky, most of you would already know, as @clixmoney.

After building his @clixmoney account to a reputation of 72, the question on everyone lips is undoubtedly, "Why another account, and why now?" Well, we talk about this, and much much more.

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If you would like to do a collab with me, or be a guest on Meet The Steemians, then let me know in the comments below, or hit me up on discord Bobaphet#5613

As always, please let me know your thoughts, in the comments below, or as a video, and link it, in the comments below.

Think, Believe, Achieve.


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hey bobaphet. i'd love to do a video chat with you at some point too! :)

That's fantastic. Hit me up on discord; Bobaphet#5613
and let's organise a time :)

just done it ;) cheers.

That's a great interview. Thanks a lot for having me. I really enjoyed that and watched all this part. Waiting for the part 2. Resteemed from both accounts. Peace out. ☺

Thanks man, I thoroughly enjoyed it too.
I can't wait to see what happens in part 2 :P

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