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Branching out, experimenting, expanding, you name it. Should we consider it?
TLDR; Yes.

Well before that some Sunday strolling. I got some KFC since it is FINALLLLLYYYY here in Kharkov. FINALLY!
Been a long time coming. Learn more about that in my previous post.

But, not to derail from the topic; I put some though into today's theme and most of what I think is in the video.
Leave your thoughts below in the comments.
Also, been trying out some new techniques as you might have noticed in couple of my previous videos and this one.
What do you think about adobe premiere pro cc 2018, should I give it a shot?



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Great video amigo. Thanks for the upvote. Subbed to your channel. All the best

I'm branching out by trying some of the high-paying STEEM dApps I haven't used before. This strategy has really boosted the rewards on my three blogs here, and I have only been at it for a few weeks.

yeah man, if we're content creators every plattform it's a potential point to grow, if you had art to express and make some unique stuff to every one of them, if you had passion you had all earned, i think that, good vibes.