HUGE REWARDS FROM #BLINDTEST. SP delegations! More than 5$ worth upvotes, BUILDTEAM tokens and SO MUCH MORE! (MYSTERY BOX)

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Today marks the end of the 1st week of #blindtest.
This week we reviewed esteem and are hoping to see more #blindtest reviews on esteem by the end of the day!

#blindtest rewards are given out in the form of "MYSTERY BOX"

Until now, we only know of 3 things that could be there in the mystery box.
The contents of the mystery box will change every week and will be announced on the day of the giveaway. (every 7th day of the #blindtest cycle)

2 mystery boxes will be given out each week to the 2 best reviewers of the week.
Whats in the box?
Here is what we know so far:

  1. 1 BUILDTEAM token for each winner.
  2. 100% UPVOTE from NathanMars and #blindtest team that can accumulate to 5-6$(or more)
  3. HUGE SP delegations for 90 days (Amount of delegation will be differ from box to box)
  4. There are more rewards but will remain disclosed (because it is a mystery DUH!)

The token is a permanent element of the mystery box. That means, every mystery box has a BUILDTEAM token and every week the winners WILL get a BUILDTEAM token.
However, the upvote and delegation is not a permanent element. Boxes may have the upvote or delegation in them.
We can only know whats in the box on the day of the winner announcement.

The amount of SP delegation you will receive for 90 days can be anywhere from 100-200SP,

There is also going to be a MEGA MYSTERY BOX for 1 reviewer that will be decided after 4 weeks. If an eligible reviewer will not be found, then it will be given after 5 weeks, if not 6 weeks and so on!
(So do your best to win the MEGA MYSTERY BOX)




Feel free to ask any questions Here, or on discord, or on twitter!


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@blind-spot, the #blindtest is a great project! I do like it!
Btw, who won this week? What are the 2 reviews?

I will participate in the #blindtest about the #actifit and #dpoll, because those are the apps that I use on a daily basis.

The winners will be announced today!
I can promise you they have done a wonderful job in reviewing the dapp through #blindtest

#actifit is right around the corner, and your review will be absolutely valuable! very excited!

I really Love what you're doing here Brother @blind-spot. This is truly one of the most inspiring and Motivating Post I have seen in awhile. You Freaking Rock Man!!!

Keep on Rocking and Motivating and Inspiring this Amazing Blockchain. Much Respect to You Brother.

May You and Your Family Always Live in the Abundance of Beauty, Happiness, Peace, and Love and Always be surrounded by Endless Blessings.

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about what the contest will be ? , i mean questions about the project ?

thanks for asking :D
The idea of #Blindtest is that steemians like you and I will review the DApps of the STEEM BLOCKCHAIN, every week #Blindtest will review a different dapp. Last week was esteem, this week will be for actifit and all #Blindtest review posts must be submitted on 9th February.

You can click on #Blindtest and see all the posts and reviews.

I m very new to this platform... I really learnt alot frm u people.. Keep it up

I have followed you now. I am glad that you are learning.
Please feel free to ask anything to me that you would like to know more about through steem chat, discord or twitter :D

hey how can i make my up votes from people how can i make my post viral. i know i have to post it in social websites but many people dont have account on steemit so they cant up vote me. plz tell me the way..

The key is to write plagiarism free high quality content.
Write something you are passionate about. Write it like you are presenting it to the world.
Write it to express yourself. Individuality is very important.

You should also market your posts. You can do it through joining communities on steem and discord. On discord you can share your link on the promote channels to gain attraction.

The biggest advice I can give is to make friends and interact with people. Male genuine connections with people on steem. This is, by far, the best way to gain exposure for your posts.

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okkk then will you be my first frnd??? and secondly will you guide me for any community wr i can share my post etc?

Sure. Do hit me up on discord

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wow you are so innovative and creative with all.of these. keep up tye the good work

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