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RE: DTube 0.2: Faster to serve videos, Stronger to resist censorship

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It will be interesting to see if this platform can catch some market share in the media content creation area.


Not only this one, the idea and the use of IPFS is really great... I did not know before that one can host websites this way... this is the logical evolution...
DTube might be the best implementation for the moment, but this will also spur competition and other people trying to outcompete it by using Steem as a platform... This is something Youtube can only be jealous of... I think that as Linux outcompetes Windows in many areas (look at Android), there might be even better Website designs... But DTube at the very least will get its place in history, as the first really decentralized video website.
With this I agree with Jerry, that Steem should go to a 100 bucks in the next 2 years...

DTube is a decentralized gushing video stage connected to Steemit (the decentralized web-based social networking) which enables clients to transfer recordings effortlessly and profit (or cryptographic money) by means of the upvotes or likes on their post. As YouTube acquires the Anti-Defamation League to demonetize substance and mark it as "detest discourse", DTube couldn't have come at a superior time.

So clear something up to me and the few I can outreach to... Down vote #1= someone disagreed. Down vote #50 = content that should and will be removed? #1 & #50 being generic terms as an example?

censorship is never a good idea.

Censorship is mental illness

I think the team behind DTube is definitely capable of having a lot of impact in the media content creation area. Just imagine all steemit youtubers would move to dTube and earn money through it. The fact that they already using IPFS is awesome.

Great post! The project is interesting . At this point I agree with you.

Yeah it was laggy at start, but getting better

Do you think that the price of 1 dogecoin is just $ 0.0000042, and for the next one or two years, the price of dogkine will come when the cost of Bitcoin comes at just $ 42.276 or one or two The price of 1 dogkine in the year will be at least $ 10.56. Now, what you do not understand from the price of dogkine, I want to tell the people that if you believe in a bitcoin, Dog coin kim So much so $ 10. 56 will be increased when the cost of bitcoin can increase, the price of dog coins will also increase will be the 100 top sites in few months. I am sure this platform is capable to get biggest market share in media content and also capable to get listed in top 100 alexa sites.

Give it time I think it will. I feel like this site is more for the people, than youtube is

every marketing media has his own market value this media has his own value every social market need traffic of peoples to attract

I think this will doing great and decentralize the market due to which small business men also get some profilt. I like it...


It is looking like this platform will do amazing things and shock a lot of people.

Help to collect 1 million for the travel with the likes xD

Interesting post, I really liked it!

I think so...

with the collaboration of the whole community this platform can become greater than youtube over time because it is decentralized and because it helps to grow all users, it is a matter of patience.

yep lets see what comm etc this clone get

It will catch some market share for sure ,,,,Because thousands of steemians are interested in using it,, nd thi is only the beginning,.

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