How to claim your FUTURE tokens in your Byteball Wallet

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If you do not know yet, DRUGWARS has started distributing FUTURE tokens. Here was the announcement of what FUTURE tokens are.

But how can I claim it ?

You can click on the link below to go to Byteball 's site

More announcement by Drugwars

Hope this video helps you out !

If you have connected your STEEM account to byteball already , you would not require to do this again.

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hi hi.. Thanks for the video explanation. I got my futures. By attesting the Steem Wallet Public, does it make this wallet public? I am not sure how this works. Can these futures be spent?


Yea it does.. Also.. No idea on how to spend futures for now.


Really appreaciate it for the reply. Thank q. 😊

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Well thanks for the detailed explanation. But what can we do with these FUTURE tokens? Are they useful?


That's something which is yet to be determined

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Nice, finally get a reason to reopen the byteball app since the airdrop almost a year ago ;)