Learning the Art of Keeping Bees -- Video Two

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This is the second step to install a bee package in your new hive. There are two videos in this post, each will show half of the process.

In this video, I drop the bees into their new home. There are approximately 4,000 bees in this package--and it always is a bit exciting to get them into their new home.

Before this step, I already installed the queen cage. Right before I start the drop, you can see her little cage inside the hive box.


Here is my beekeeping book on Amazon: The Beekeeper's Guide: Fun and Simple Steps to Apiary Success and Self Sufficiency

© 2013, Stone Golem Publishing, All rights reserved--no part of this may be used without express written consent.

**All pictures and video come from my phone--

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Very interesting post!

Beekeeping can be a very profitable business. but when you know what you are doing.

It is a fact that the world is in need of honey bees since they help in the pollinating of plants and the honey produced is consumed by humans in it’s raw form and can be processed to make natural sweeteners....Thanks for this great and useful lesson

Yes it can. I don't really make any money doing it--mostly I just give the honey to family and friends. But I love taking care of the bees and I feel like I am helping nature just a bit by keeping my hives.

You are so generous by that way.
Thanks to you for helping nature.

I do not understand how to take care of bees, and frankly I was afraid of bees. because ever I experienced a bleak incident for me while cleaning my garden suddenly a bunch of bees attacked my body, so almost all my body bumps due to bee sting, especially part of my face. I accidentally destroyed the nest, I do not see the beehive because it is hidden in the leaves of the trees. I'm afraid of bees 😊

I enjoyed the first post, had to download it on my drive... I thought this part won't be released!... So glad am mistaken!... Thanks for this @bigpanda

Happy Steeming

I'm so pleased you enjoyed the first one so much you came back for the second.

Happy Steeming to you as well!

i like dtube channel..thanks for sharing homesteading..best of luck.

Thanks! I've got a few more videos I want to share about beekeeping but it may be a few weeks before I get them totally ready.

most welcome my dear!

Thank you very much for sharing the knowledge about bee-keeping techniques. Good luck always for you @bigpanda.

Thanks my friend. Have a lovely day.

You are welcome my friend 😊.

Bee maintenance is very difficult

It can be--or it can be fairly easy once you know how to do the steps. That is one reason I'm sharing videos--I think it is easier to do something once you have actually seen it done.

@bigpanda this is a great, you are so good in this enjoy and learn all you can. Have a incredible day

So kind of you to say, thanks! May you have a fantastic day as well.


Great work bro. Can i please have some fresh honey 😍

Let's talk in September after the new harvest--maybe I'll have a bit I can send your way. :)

Much appreciated bro. Cheers 🍻🥂

As always, @bigpanda you delivered a marvellous post which i really enjoyed....honestly im not sure i would have understood much if you had just written it out, but with the video it was easy to see how it was done. I'm still scared of bees though so i won't be starting a bee farm anytime soon😥, but im glad to atleast have the know how😏....so thanks once more.

Infact i liked it so much i will probably do a quick write up on bees so my followers will know a lil bit about that......also do you mind if i resteem your post?

Absolutely you can resteem--and thanks!

I agree-I can read something five or six times and still not be able to visualize the process--but if I can see it once, I typically can do it myself after that. The power of a picture (or in this case a video :) )

Wow so nice!!

Thanks, I really enjoy keeping bees so it was a lot of fun to shoot this video.

Take care of yourself, it is dangerous work! Good luck, thanks for sharing :)

Thanks for the good wishes--it isn't too dangerous with the proper clothing.

Thanks for this great and useful lesson ... #Resteemed

Thank you, and thanks very much for the resteem!

Great the 400 workers have their new home, and Bigpanda get the spare honey. Quite interesting insight thanks.

Hey! Thank You so much for uploading 2nd video. I was waiting since night. Now I came to know the full procedure that how to keep honeybees in a hive. :)

Absolutely--it was my pleasure to share it.

So nice of you! :)

Yes finally upload he post

So finally the second video is uploaded, thats the fantastic idea of honey bees in the hive at home. I'm gonna watching the video :)

Great! I think you will enjoy it.

Beekeeping can be an exceptionally productive business. be that as it may, when you comprehend what you are doing.

The world need bumble bees since they help in the pollinating of plants and the nectar created is devoured by people in ....

it's crude frame and can be prepared to make regular sweetener.thanks for this incredible and valuable lesson...Resteemit...😊😊😊😊

The world definitely needs honey bees.

Yes I realize this...

This is a great video two.. and the post surprising me.

I hope the post didn't surprise you too much. Thanks for watching.

Thanks you very much for your sharing us, i like dtube.best of luck my dear.....

Thanks for stopping by.

I am very very sorry sir, please...withdraw your flag

It's very useful information I see that

I'm very happy you think so, thanks.

Ur post I definitely see .and I see your post is very useful

Thank you to upvote me personaly.

I Was Following you @bigpanda , I hope you can to follom me too ... thank you

OMG! This is SUCH an AMAZING post! Thank you for sharing! I gave you a vote!!

Hey fantastic video . You did good work as usual . i liked to watch it. @bigpanda

please supported me channel :)

Would never be able to do that! I have always had discomfort for bees! xD Upvoted!

Very help ful. post @bigpanda thanks for sharing us.

So that's how you keep beesy, very bee-eautiful project... I wonder what the honey will taste like :)

very nice and interesting.

Nice post. I am also a beekeeper. I invite you to my profile about beekeeping. Let's create a beekeeping community on steemit !

This is very useful information on how to keep bees and i was entertained watching the video. But honestly i am still scared of bees.

this is one business that can make money, in addition to honey can also help maintain stamina and health during pregnancy, and help the intake of high nutrients for the growth of a healthy fetus in the womb. this is amazing ..... hopefully imitated by every one.

this sounds to me interesting so I just open the post and will check #dtube for details, thanks for sharing!

This is something I am so interested in doing, just need to get started, I live across the road from a forest and thought maybe I could set it up in the forest? Do you think that is a good idea.

Want to do it mainly to help sustain the bee population, I know it would be small, but I guess every little helps, and of course the honey would be "Shweet" pun intended.

thanks for posting

I bet it is hard to keep the bees alive. It is hard work being a bee keeper.

My family is bee lover, thank you for sharing such exquisite blog

I see your protected this time. :) So, the queen is a captive at this point? Or does she stick around on her own?

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Aren't they dangerous?

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yes you are doing a great job.
This is one of the profitable business.
You can do investmnet at one time and ear a lot of money then by selling honey.
Thats great.
Keep it up.

It can be a profitable bussiness, Nice way to catch the bess, really liked it alot..

It's exciting! So many small workers))) This is a very cool idea to show your work with bees! Many users will learn about bees a lot of useful information)))
Thank you for the article, my dear friend!

Do you buy bees or catch yourself?

wall i saw the first video ... and this is amazing

Your art is very beautiful and important for the nature and humanity. Some people don't know how much bees are important for our existence! :)

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IF U Know real Good about bees how to keep it what ever... it would be Successful business

Bee maintained is so much too. But it's also enjoyable. I did support me financially

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Thanks for the video @bigpanda. Very informative and will look forward to see you next videos. I can say that i am afraid of the bees but man i love honeys.

It must be great to have bees.

Thats interesting, maybe you should start producing honey to your local shops, as people like local produce.

So awsome!!!

Thanks for enlightening us about bees keeping. No doubt this is a good business, as bees keeping can be commercialise by producing honey to earn income. With the tips that I learnt here, I will give it a trial. I follow and upvote you.

I SO plan to learn this in the future! thanks!

I always like to eat honey is so healthily. Awesome post about beekeeping ! Check my page if you want. Bye

So interesting!! ☺

this was very helpful!! thanks

Speaking out myself bee keeping is a Risky business i can ever imagine

But maybe, since am seeing this post I might take a chance to do it once I get in gaps or opportunities of learning bee keeping

Otherwise I have fear of bees stinging my eyes

Bee is very important for human & i always like to eat bees honey.

Wow, @bigpanda that's was so cool! I didn't realize beekeepers have to shake out the bees like that from their crate. Recently I hit up a local farmer's market for some Grade B Brazilian spicewood honey and pine tree honey. Quick question, how do beekeepers know that the bees are only going to stick to one certain plant?

Good post bro ^^

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