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The Steem Sister Show - Episode 64 // New Years Resolutions

in dtube •  7 months ago  (edited)

Well, usually, I'll check my phone as well until I get bored then if she keep infinitely browsing on her phone I just do activities that I like by myself or I go to the restaurant with someone else. I hope this won't change when I'll get married, even if it has to break up the relationship. At some time, she has to know a little bit about data leaks, mass control by the GAFAM, ACAB, open source, linux, or I don't waste more time with her.
It's also what attracts them, she has to adapt if she wants to be the one ;)

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That totally makes sense... I didn't think about that from a dating perspective.

I deliberately don't check my phone though, because you do see couples or groups all out but all on their phones and it seems kinda dodge. So, instead I just sit there as awkwardly as possible...