Reality Check: Camera Footage of Epstein's Cell "Unuseable"?

in #dtube5 years ago

The latest on the Jeffrey Epstein case is that authorities now claim that footage from his cell has been deemed unuseable. This, even as media organizations have stepped up the effort to label anyone who questions any part of Epstein's unbelieveably suspicious death, a conspiracy theorist.

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of course it is 😄😂

Thank you Ben. I'm glad you're staying with this story. People think Epstein and related stories are distractions from the real news. I think they ARE the real news. This corruption goes very deep and is part of the filth eating away at our society in recent years.

The hyoid bone is not the most compelling evidence of murder. No one can break their vertebrae by strangling themselves with bedsheets. The broken spine bones are probative of murder. As a result there is sufficient evidence to charge the two guards for murder. If the guards had the authority to transfer Epstein's cellie, and ability to degrade camera recordings, their testimony may not lead to co-conspirators.

I don't think they could have done either of those things.

The acceptance of money for publishing stories is also probative. It proves we do not have a free press, but PR firms.

You have shown you are not purchasable by similar mechanisms.


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