"THE FUTURE OF JOURNALISM" - A Steemit Exclusive Interview with @suzi3d re: Censorship, Propaganda & the Blockchain.

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I first connected with Suzie Dawson, journalist, activist and leader of the Internet Party of New Zealand, on my Steemit page. We had a shared interest in supporting musicians make the shift over to blockchain based technology and finding alternate sources of income in a streaming-based industry.

As I delved a little deeper into what Suzie is all about, I decided I really need to ask her some questions about some of the larger concepts around blockchain based journalism and why she is an advocate for alternative media moving to Steemit.

Honestly, this was a mind-expanding conversation for me. Whatever your personal politics are, it is unquestionable that in this day and age the freedom of the press must be protected and supported.

I hope you find this interview as enlightening as I did. Please follow @suzi3d and show your support.

I am @benleemusic and excited to continue sharing BIG IDEAS with you.


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All of the Big-Boys are becoming heavily regulated and censored. They all want to give in to any group that makes some noise and threatens to yell and chant and accuse them of being something politically incorrect.

Now that they've got their big fat stock options, they don't want to do anything that will rock the boat.

So much for being trail-blazers.


Perhaps its the nature of aging or something, but for now its refreshing to see some serious disruption occurring.

If you're not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.

Malcolm X

When they have the monopoly, they gonna exploit vulnerable people , they are so powerful that they can even manipulate the prices of cryptos. We, steemians, will provide a better alternative solution to that.

Freedom of the press and freedom of speech are under unprecedented attacks right now.. We must defend our rights!

steemit is the way forward


I hope you will follow me again

Thanks so much for having me, Ben, it was really great. I am going to write up a companion post about the experience ASAP, with some further info. Congrats on another wonderful contribution to the community!


So happy to be part of opening people's minds - and my own!

Hi. Really dig your work. Would like you to invite you to speak at our Steem Creators Conference April 13-15, 2018 in Las Vegas.

cc logo 2.1.png

Email me at ij@collegeloanfreedom.com

Thank you @benleemusic for enlightening us on this topic. I am so glad that I found out about Steemit couple of months ago. Posts like this have made me dependent on this platform.

This is enlightening, and you are so right in saying that press freedom should be protected and supported.


Yes I think these alternative media journalists are doing important work.

Extremely interesting talk, thank you! I can absolutely relate to the view that progress is (also literally) blocked, and that a huge part of this started with the whole so-called war on terror. Though I'm not a journalist myself, I'm constantly "monitoring" what is going on in the news, in politics, well, generally on this planet, and I have become more and more frustrated with the limited amount of topics and also perspectives that can be found in most of the current media, and also with the decline in quality. A few years ago I did actually believe that the main reason was the lack of fair payment (which was/is a fact, at least here in Germany, this I know also from experience), but today I think there's "more" to that. Not only agencies don't want change, I am thinking many people don't want fundamental change, either (again, I'm mainly referring to central Europe here). Maybe it's just the fear of "getting out of the quite comfortable bubble", in my view, though, there's something like a fear of freedom. But that's just a thought on the side.
Anyway, I hope that Steemit will continue to be the place for everybody who likes to share content, to support quality content, and this also means quality journalism - especially fresh perspectives, topics that wouldn't even be a topic on "conventional" news. I'm really excited about journalism on Steemit!

Steemit is actually a prophecy come true on the realization if journalism been taken away from the conventional media mogul into the hands of would be entrepreneurs

Great! You guys are awesome! I remember the days when you could post a video on youtube and it would randomly get views, and sometimes potentially go viral. Now that capability is blocked by algorithms, especially if you're posting certain content. It's time to de-censor our lives online.


Yes its a different time - with different solutions! :)

I absolutely concur with you nothing should tamper with press freedom and truth be told it was really enlightening.


What is Resteemed?


It's when you hit that arrow next to the reply button. Then it shows up in your blog.

Just finished listening to your interview with Susan Dawson and I wanted to extend my sincere appreciation for this interview. It was very educational for me as I wanted to get some insights into blockchain technology journalism and the future of it. Thanks to you and Susan for a great interview!!


Thank you! It really opened my mind too!

I even threw my tv years ago. I do not like to be manipulated. I agree block chain might change the way journalism is done but if done wisely and with truth. I can see many would take advantage of it, and there are other issues I believe, yet I have been around a short time, but I am sure steemit will work it out. I believe in freedom but also in the right of people that could be affected by sensible or fake news. Everybody likes gossip right, but we should use powerful tools with wisdom and truth. It it just highlighting some points out. We will see very soon, this is future and we are walking on it.

the way steemit give the power back to the people is long overdue but it is amazing that its finally here, coming from instagram i know how much effort can go into other platforms wihout ever getting a payout, this enables the opportunity to start receiving money on the veryfirst post which would be next to impossible when starting on a traditional platform and the fact that we can connect people in an open source manner will spark a new generation full of Einstein thinking abilities. man i cant wait to see what the future will be like

Wow, great to see you spreading this message, Ben! really glad to have found you on Steemit. A positive message about how Steemit works and why it will unfold so many opportunities for new users over time is what this platform needs while it fulfills the needs of those who discover it.

Mind. Blown. Reminds me of the beatles song revolution - "you say you want a revolution, well you know, we all want to change the world"

Block chain technology and journalism very good idea thanx @benleemusic

I do understand the blockchain Steem, records date and is (after 7 days) not possible to be changed anymore. Therefore facilitating the idea of non-censorship. HOWEVER, @suzi3d you tell us in the interview, Facebook manipulates the timeline and manipulates the number of views. Then you say "Steemit solved ALL of that"... Well, I do not agree Steemit solved this! As you know, the visibility of a post at Steemit is very limited! Some posts will make it to one of the standard channels (HOT, TRENDING), but most posts are within 30 minutes ending up in this huge pile of posts nobodies sees anymore. Therefore, although Steemit does not manipulate your own timeline, the way content/posts are presented in the Steemit User Interface results in most posts to end up in the 'bin'. I would have liked you to not sing hallelujah yet, since Steemit is not there yet to be a good social media.

Also, I'm wondering how many of the 1.000+ views and the 536 votes actual watched the video. That is another flaw at Steemit! Many users are here to get rewards, and there is this trend of users voting for posts with a lot of votes and a lot of views, however not reading/consuming the content itself.

In principle I agree with you, Steem blockchain does not allow deletion of content, so it has potential, for sure. But at the moment it is just potential.


I agree, I see it that way too.

But also, I think the "not reading/consuming the content itself" is a people problem...on any platform. Nothing can ever be ALL good, unfortunately. But is it a better alternative, maybe? Then it's a good thing, imo. Potential is a good thing to have, and sometimes criticism can help more than it might hurt.

Change is hard, sometimes necessary, and I think we've reached that point. I'm just happy to see so many people talking about it.


You have good points, and it is good to have the potential to grow into more censorship free services. I simply hope some team able to design good user interfaces, will design a good user interface to the Steem blockchain.

Also, I hope those who can decide on the Steem blockchain functionalities, will build in functions to be able to block copyrighted material, and block accounts abusing the blockchain and/or other users; The flag feature is not good enough imho.


Yeah, you're right. I hate the ones who ruin good things for everybody else. "You're the reason we can't have nice things!"

Actually, that was the last bit of my reply that I chose to omit (wish I hadn't now)...I'm glad we're all talking about it, AND, even more, I'm thankful for the designers actually working on building these interfaces. They're the ones to thank and the ones to look to, for us to put some faith in their wisdom and talent. We need to and we have to, because they're the ones we're depending on. Good point!


Lets see what the future will bring :)

Censorship is much better on Steemit than other platforms I have been on. I have had words blanked out or entire post vanish. The only thing I have seen on Steemit is a situation where a person with a SP of over 2500 and a Reputation of (63) goes around down voting people like Stefan Molyneux who dare to say the "Earth is Round". With that much SP and Reputation one down vote from him will cause comments to be hidden and limits the amount of payout.


Its an interesting idea you raise. Yes there is an ability on the part of whales to alter the effectiveness of content to some degree. But I think for the moment, most of these people have the platforms best interest at heart.

Great Vid. THanks BUT! Please post the links to the profiles of all the other Steemit Journalists mentioned with a short note of where they are coming from>? Could you!? Would be best! Thank you again!


Hi there - @elizbethleavos, @caitlinjohnstone, @leecamp, @hagoodman and @theouterlight!
The first two are amazing independent journalists and the latter three create video content. Enjoy!


Yes thanks @suzi3d ! Now following all of them x

I'm new to this and I absolutely love it great platform 👍 great interview keep up the good work

I feel like journalism is controlled by big corporations, as so many things are. I hope blockchain 3.0 can decentralized journalism for the people. Enough of this fake news circulation on social medias (facebook, twitter), they do nothing to protect their user. They only care about clicks (profit).

Like jurnalisme 😍

Journalist should not be activist...


Interesting. I've always agreed with the Dalai Lama on this who mentioned "the role journalists can play in promoting human values and religious harmony. He said that media people should have long noses like that of an elephant to smell in front and behind politicians and other people. In a democratic society people have the right to know the truth and journalists should inform the public of the reality. However, he said they must report truthfully, objectively and in an unbiased manner."


I like Glenn Greenwald's take on this.

He says that every journalist has opinion bias, whether they are aware of, or admit it, or not. And that it's better to embrace and be open about your opinions and influences than to attempt to hide them under a veil of neutrality.

Personally my mantra is "Real journalists whistle-blow every time they write." A phrase I coined to reflect that journalism should be about telling important stories in the public interest, regardless of which ideological angle you're coming at them from.


Absolutely agree with both, and especially your mantra!
Of course, journalists have biases and opinions, sometimes their opinions or biases might change because of their own investigations, research, etc., sometimes not. And I am completely fine with opinion as long as I know it's an opinion, I really don't like articles that present themselves as neutral or fact when they are mostly opinion - so I'm completely with Greenwald here.


In my opinion journalist should presenting facts ...But not "teach" people like,, this is bad this is good"

steemit is for the people not the corporations like google and facebook we decided what we see and what we don't

Nice sharing bro

I hope you will follow me again

appreciate the work.

Your Interview idea great.i watching Your Interview video.waiting to see your Interview.helpful and amazing video thanks for sharing.

The information is interesting, steady. Please for my follow up, thanks

Woww beautifull video

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I feel both like it’s positive but also anticipating uproar 😳

I’m really interested in privacy on the steemit platform. Which I know is ironic to the topic... but i’d like to be able to block certain people from viewing private info etc or being able to track you.

Could be paranoia but something that’s been floating in my mind.


I think if you are posting to the blockchain you are doing it with the understanding of transparency. It is up to each of us what info we put up on it.


Yes absolutely... I think I have just had to rethink what type of private information was being made available through links I share. I am used to the sense of security in being able to kind of block people from viewing content if they are being creepy.

@benleemusic Welcome to my friend I have read your post and I know you are a good person and I am always happy to be on your posts Thank you for sharing anyway


Thats the most absurd comment that people make to people who make money doing what they love. So does a musician have to give away all his work for free so people cant say he laughs all the way to the bank? If he becomes a millionaire does he have to give most of it away so he can live like he did when he first started? If he becomes successful he has to give away the fruits of his success so people cant say hes "laughing all the way to the bank?

very nice i will upvote you

Blockchain is the future. The only missing thing is the Digital patent of developes. Is any Ico already on market with idea to protect the righs of a project or idea. How can we perserve them?


That sounds kind of ironic considering the blockchain was opensource. However, I'm sure savvy business people will ensure they don't give too much away.

This is a fantastic discussion!!! Well done folks.

Steemit is fresh but has a long way to go. Facebook has some real cool tools that Steemit has to improvise on or at least straight up replicate. We are all being starry eyed about Steemit. It only takes Facebook to launch a subsidiary and win back this market. We are happy here, but there's nothing stopping Facebook to launch a real cool alternative platform. Hence, Steemit has to remain principled, loyal to its ideals and keep improvising tools and mechanisms to bring people closer. Paying and earning cannot be the only incentive. Steemit should have more incentives for investors too

Thanks for your Biggs Idea.

sebuah wawancara yg bagus.
yang pasti bahwa integritas pers adalah kebenaran dan keterpercayaan.

Journalism is most power full tool now all over the world to defeat any group company or political parties... They can be used in both manners positive and negative.. I hope and wish that all people who are connected to this department work as a positive mentor.
Follow me Upvote Tanks

Journalism is most power full tool now all over the world to defeat any group company or political parties... They can be used in both manners positive and negative.. I hope and wish that all people who are connected to this department work as a positive mentor.
Follow me Upvote Tanks

Heard about Suzi through @elizabethleavos- both are fearless journalists that deliver an important perspective THAT MUST BE HEARD!! Thank you sir for giving @suzi3d a platform to describe what it's like to rely on state controlled media.


Happy to be of service!

Congratulations @benleemusic!
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I really like to be a journalist, but I do not have the ability as well as you, how should I start?

pleas vote and followe may acount @abdarmia45


Just start blogging and see where it takes you.

Great to see more and more of these kinds of conversations and technologies popping up. Here's to the future.

Excellent, high quality content

Steemit is you YT/FB/Twitter as FB/Twitter were to Myspace.


Its feeling that way

i am new to the platform, i hope this could help me

Great Video!
Hello everyone
I have uploaded some great and hilarious content on my channel and would be great if you check it out! :)

Very nice interview, the steemitian it's a quality person all steemit golangan in this, I can not imagine how the next twenty years will be advanced steemit@benleemusic

Kim Dotcom is a co-founder of that Party,right? What happened to him?You barely can't find any news about him nowadays....


Im curious about that too - @suzi3d ?

nice sahare
thank you

The interview is really enlightening

Such a great idea


Good interview by steamit group..

Very nice interview, the steemitian it's a quality person all steemit golangan in this, I can not imagine how the next twenty years will be advanced steemit @benleemusic


I know! Its mind-boggling

Musicians will do incredibly well in blockchain technology because they can leverage on fame


its possible - but hopefully quality content will prevail at all levels.

Good reason, and good answer

Good article.
Thank you

Nice to see another Kiwi.

Awsome post.

Really cool!

it was great

I'm new to this and absolutely love it great platform, this is enlighten.

Hi I am new to steemit follow my blogs and upvote me..☺☺☺

Nice information... Steemit.. Is the best..


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Saw some of the video and it's on point. Big companies want you to obtain a leftist point of view for everything and that is simply not cool. We should respect all points of view and not just a mono one.

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Unfortunately, I have had first-hand experience of my website posts being compromised. It was done by one of the major search engines, which I have an affiliate relationship with. I republished an article from a major media outlet that, evidently, was not aligned with the search engines management/staff 's staff political ideology. It was nothing radical. However, it did expose some of the things that you have brought to light in your posts. The search engine sent me a penalty notice, knocked me back 30 pages in web search and coincidentally I am now getting a lot of 404 errors.
I recently joined Steemit and hope that it is the future of social media and
becomes a haven for truth-tellers.
I enjoy your posts.
I have been to NZ several times and enjoyed my visits there... beautiful country and people.
George (NevadaGeorge) https://www.openeyesopinion.com

Twitter is "censoring" tweets and determining who gets to see the tweet. Facebook has a new algorithm that decides which "friend" of your gets to see the post. Google, well we all know what Google does. We are not talking Government censorship, but information based on what Zukerberg believes or the employee at Twitter. That is how I found Steemit. I was looking for an alternative to Google -You Tube- Facebook and Twitter.
Now when or if you express your disdain for these practices, you will be “labeled” in fact Steemit or Blockchain will be “labeled” the dark web someday by those that are in danger of losing power.
Think about it. Your phone or your PC recognize your face. Probably more like Google and Facebook having your face on file attached to your entire digital life. If someone at Facebook decides that people on the “dark web” need to be rounded up and arrested, how long will it take until some algorithm sees your face entering a Starbucks?
Good interview, she “gets it”.

Awesome! I have been trying to convince my friend's band's to come over to Steemit, but for some reason I am completely unsuccessful at doing so so far. I think a lot of them don't want to put in the effort. I'm thinking about just posting content for them and keeping track of how much STEEM they generate to give to them when they finally do join :) Cheers!

steemit the best, I like his post.. good jobs

Great interview y friend and keep up the good work. The world and steemit community needs more people like you.

Congratulations friends, very good program, you make a good diagnosis of the current reality.
We must break the media blockade of large corporations that create fake news to justify invasions of peoples in the world.
En los ultimos dias hemos visto muchos fake news contra las criptos.
greetings from venezuela where we live a media and financial block.
very happy with his journalism in steemit.

This was extremely enlightening! Thank you for taking the trouble.

Cool to see alot of interviews happening on steemit. It helps keep the conversation going on important events for sure.


Seems like a good platform for longer-form interviews.

Awesome Ben and Suzie! I checked into facebook today for the first time in about three months and everyone was sharing some moronic video of a girl getting a private part of her cast as a sculpture, so I shut it down and logged back into my Steemit feed and this interview of yours was the first thing I saw.

No clearer sign of the night and day difference of the old pre-blockchain media monopoly versus real content and journalism to be found here.

I've had the experience with Facebook altering information too. FB is so manipulated. Such scumbags.

Hi Suzi and Ben, I wanted to recommend an important piece of educational research to you guys and your excellent audience......keep fighting the good fight....

Exposing The International Banking Cabal - A Four Part Expose' By Liberty Academy