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Upload to D.tube not working.

OK... sorry in advance for the venting...
this is definitely #steemworldproblems.

that said, i am so frustrated i decided to write a post about this issue in hopes that we can figure this out as a community and perhaps fix the issue so me and future users can begin our journey into DTube!

i have been trying to upload a video for the past few weeks and i keep getting error after error.

i fill out everything... i drag the .mov in there, i upload my .jpg snap picture, i fill out the TITLE, DESCRIPTION, 4 TAGS, ignore SUBTITLES, i click on ADVANCED and add some basic Steemit blog content that i will edit later within Steemit, HASH info populates, i power up the post and then i click SUBMIT!!!!!

all of a sudden i get a red Error at the bottom right of the screen. when i click SUBMIT again, it stacks up another red Error on top of the other. i click again out of frustration. and again! and AGAIN!


the Errors slowly fade away until no red errors are showing but alas.... my video never uploads. :-(

at first i thought maybe the servers were having issues and i tried again the following day. then i waited a few days, then a week. now it's been 1 month and i am still unable to upload to D.Tube. am i doing something wrong here?

is there something i am doing wrong?

is there something i should try doing differently?

UPDATE: as @benleemusic stated, i should try different browsers... before i had a chance to try the Opera browser, i went over to Dlive and tried my luck at uploading. VOILA! it worked flawlessly.... so um... i think i'll be focusing my video content on the Dlive platform, AND i will be able to broadcast live from my recording studio to boot!

here's the vid

Onward and upward amigozzzzz!



I had the same error, turns out it's something to do with steemconnect. Log out log in again, worked for me.

i will try this now!

Good luck, should work

I prefer DLive for uploading video, more consistent.

Check out this link

But also using Opera browser is a safe bet. Definitely not Safari!

Also, if you need tech support here is the DLive Discord server https://discord.gg/9eGqUx

thanks bro. i need to get into Discord....

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