Bella - eating carrots 🐶

in dtube •  last year

Whoof everyone ! What have you been up to lately ?
Today's lesson : always remember to eat your carrots !
Enjoy this video !
I have an instagram account
Smell you later !

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O I've missed Bella, it's been a while. Hope Bella is doing well.


🐶 I am doing great, eating, sleeping and the occasional walking and always sniffing; but mostly sleeping/


That's good, that's why you are so different, enjoy your sleep as well as your carrots... Smile

Ah, I did not know you liked vegetables. Smart pooch, and a bit unusual, at least in my book. Also...please tousle your head and rub your own ears for me, Bella. It has been a while.


I probably eat more vegetables than most of the people. 🐶
I constantly amaze people with how I like my steamed broccoli.

Really so cute.