Some sweets for me🍫#82video

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Today I want to share with you sweets!
I bought some of these bars yesterday. I always read the composition, so I'm looking for something without sugar and without sweeteners, including without fructose, as all this leads to overeating and obesity.

This version of sweets, of course, is also not completely harmless, there is natural fructose, as there are dates.
So, let's read the composition together!

Bio – 100% natural bars. Chocolate without sugar. Less than 100 kilocalories.
It's a nutty fruit bar. Ingredients: date paste, roasted peanuts, bitter chocolate, cocoa powder, sea salt, nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves.
It's 30 grams. Caloric content of only 90 calories.

The bar is soft to the touch. It seems that it is very small, but in fact it doesn’t prevent it from being very hearty bar. I liked it, I will buy more when I want sweet.
And do you look at the composition of the products that you buy?

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@behelen, I like to eat chocolate, but I have never seen this one in the food stores in Moscow.

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@cryptospa, this bar we had recently, I had not seen it before also.


Greetings, sweet Elena

Well cool your video about candy. One little sweetheart holding another. I do not know this chocolate. I think each country has different types of sweets, even though they are made by the same company. For example, some chocolate flavor may exist here, even if it is made in the same company, because I know that the taste appreciation varies according to the cultures.

Thank you and good morning!


Yes! This is an interesting topic! Make a video about the sweets that are sold in your country!

I know, for example, that turons are popular in the country where my mother lives. And we do not have anything like this in Russia.
At the same time when my mother comes to Russia, she buys gingerbread, marmalade, marshmallows and sweets, which are not there, where she lives.

Good morning, @julisavio!