Red Diamond Bruchetta with VEGAN PARMESAN! 🍞🍅

in #dtube3 years ago

Do you guys also love bruschetta? Yeah, these delicious little toasts greased together with garlic with fresh tomatoes, basil and drizzled with olive oil? Who doesn't? Maybe someone, who don't like tomatoes, or someone who has an allergy for them 😝 I'm totally in love with it, since lately, I went to an Italian restaurant in my city, where I found vegan bruschetta! It was so delicious, and with all the decorations and music inside the local, it was as if I was in Italy! But unfortunately, I was still in my hometown lol! 😅

Anyway, I wanna show you how I do it in my way! Of course, I also made "vegan parmesan", which is really simple to do and full of nutriens, because it's made from cashews! I've added it on top of my delicious toast. Yeaaah! Vegans do it the best! I wish I would to try them in Italy someday..🤤 You know, with this all Italian vibes everywhere! ☀️ Mmmmm! For sure, it would be fantastic experience! Hihihi! So I encourage you to check my newest video with recipe for these delicious toast! I hope you will like it! Buon appetito! 💕

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Love your video, you make it look like a suspense movie ^^ haha Or at least that's how I saw it :) Tasty and fancy, it would definitely be welcome in Granada as a healthy tapas :)

Haha 😄 I'm glad that my editing has individual interpretations! That's really awesome and motivating! 💪

I'm really happy that you like it 😊

Hi @babettxx, thank you for all your posts, as a vegan i find your food very inspiring! I want to get as good as cooking as u are, im so hungry looking this brushetta, i just had lunch now i must go and have a second one! lol :)
I was wondering if you could be so kind as to check out this post its new steemit vegans making great content on the platform. Be great to have as much coverage and support as possible! Resteem would be amazing !!!! ✌️🌱 💚

Hi there! I'm so happy to hear that I inspiring more people! It gives me such a big motivation!
Of course! I'll definitely check it!Great to see more vegans. We have the power to do more positive changes!💪🌱💕

I love to eat ... It's delicious

Thank you! :)

Great pictures as well! Thank you for sharing this recipe :)

Awwww, thank you so much for nice comment! :)

It’s 8:29am here and I’d love to have some of yummy these pieces to start the day. Pls DHL me some. :-)

Hahahah! Okay, you just need to wait few days for the package! 😂 But I think, after that time, these toast won't be so good already as now 😔 😆

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