STRIGOI 'Phantoms' (a music video I directed/created)

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It's finally released - the music video I made for Strigoi was released yesterday on YouTube and has struck up nearly 10,000 views in 1 day. Which is ace news, and it's (luckily) had a wonderful reception from fans of the band.

The debut album called 'Abandon All Faith' is out on November 22nd through Nuclear Blast Records
The band features members of UK doom metal pioneers Paradise Lost and is fronted by Greg Mackintosh.

I've posted a fair bit about this project generally with lots of trailers as they've been released, so I hope folk get to see it and be suitably appalled :)

Those interested might realise this video takes aesthetic influence from a film made in 1991 called Begotten which can be viewed HERE for free on Vimeo.

It’s an extremely unsettling and an incredibly symbolic abstract story about birth, death and re-birth.

It’s has an other worldly feel about it - not only for it’s no-dialogue but also for its scratchy, distorted and disconnected sound track. Which for me is half of the appeal of this film.

It’s unlike anything I had seen before, when the band introduced it to me a couple of years ago on another project.

Although, it does remind me of the artist Jan Svankmajers’ animated work, especially his adaptation of Alice which utilised disjointed soundtracks which have a diy earthy lofi feel to them to help create a sense of fantasy and disconnect from real life.

It works amazingly well for that, but I hope these kind of visuals work just as well for the music here.

Enjoy and thanks for watching, @ashtv

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Dude that was awesome.
I really can't hear death metal music but the video clip tripped me and I endured it all 😂😂 This might be the first time in my life I heard a whole metal song.

Fucking awesome work again dude. You rock

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Haha to be fair I’m not especially a metal fan either. Like, I get it, but I don’t ever listen for pleasure.

Glad the video tripped you out. It was fun coming up with visuals and concepts. Planning and shooting it was pretty stressful but we got what we needed :)

Thanks for watching all the way through haha and commenting. Your support is always appreciated 🤘🏻

Cheers for your awesome work bro!
Can't wait for more!

Thanks man! Love those skate tokens! I'll try to remember to use them move on skate posts I like.

Feel free to tip them to any person you want, not just skate posts. The main reason we created these tokens is to spread awareness to as many people as we can about @steemskate and as a thank you gift for all our supporters.
So, send as much as you can! Hahaha!
Have a great day Ash

Awesome man - I’ll do just that 👍🏻

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Why are we not getting you to make more visual materials on Steem??

Haha I don’t know. But it’s on my own agenda to make a new updated promo or two for this place!

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Wow. Nice one. It's great to finally see the finished product. It's very well done. Very dark and creepy. The walking bare foot through blood is a nice touch. Very cool!

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Thanks man! ‘Creepy’ was actually a word that the band used to describe what kind of video they wanted..
Mission accomplished by the sounds of it!

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Hello ashtv,
Wow ... that is a work of art! Brilliant direction and production. So much energy - it is a tour de force!

You have a new follower

Upvoted and resteemed :D

Thanks for the kind comment @icedrum - that means a lot! Cheers for the follow too :) 🤘🏻

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A pleasure to support such a highly skilled Steemian :D

Oh man.. this is amazing! I love the style and dark vibe you accomplished here. They just got a new fan thanks to this 😉

That’s awesome you’re in to this kind of genre! Thanks for the ace comment on the visuals, that’s appreciated. 🤘🏻

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Very cool video ... these eyes will haunt me forever now!!! Thanks!!!


Do you also have a Youtube Channel?

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@knowhow92 tipped 10 SKATE TOKENS for this post!

musically not my cup of tea but you did a great job.
really like that (it looks like out of focusing but it is probably some kind of effect?). it is trippy but it works great here.

not sure why but when i click on the video it says video unavailable (but when i found it on youtube it worked)

Lighting, cinematography, editing and overall atmosphere and feel are great. Well done, buddy!

Thanks man!