DIGITAL ART - Realism challenge painting a KIWI!

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DIGITAL ART - How to paint a kiwi

Check out my timelapse video or watch the steps below on how to paint a kiwi using digital painting software

This work was made in Photoshop CS5 using a Wacom Intuos drawing tablet.


STEP 1 - Making a sketch

The first step is to make a simple sketch. You don't have to go into detail, just get the basic shape right.


STEP 2 - Lay down base colors

The next step is to lay down the base colors using a basic round brush. I rather start too dark than too light.


STEP 3 - Start adding details, light and shadow

Slowly start building up the details of the kiwi and think about where the light parts and the dark parts are. In a layer below your kiwi layer, you can paint a drop shadow using a soft brush.


STEP 4 - Final details!

The final step is to paint all those little details. Refine the seeds of the kiwi, add those little 'hairs' and paint some shiny highlights.

Here you can see the four steps again



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Very artistic and like original itself.

Very true! I love the work.

yes very nice art.

Wow. You draw amazingly. You can barely see the diffrence.

Great madam i am new on steemit i like your blog

The Art piece looks much better than the original photo. Great work though! Thanks for sharing.

buen resultado, es muy ilustración, pero buen tutorial. saludos

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Hoi @artwithflo!

Toffe tutorial 😀

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cool! there seems no difference at all. teach me how please! thanks.

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