A lesson learned on managing personal and group accounts with Dtube

in #dtube7 years ago (edited)

I am currently managing my personal account here in Steemit as well as our group's account for @trulaloo. However, since I am the one who introduced the community to our group, they've let me manage it for now. Now, I'm also very new to Dtube, and I noticed that it allows me to add accounts for all that I manage. Hence, I added mine and the group's.

I initially selected Trulaloo because I need to post a teaser video about our Samyang challenge. However, an error occurred, so I needed to hit the refresh button. Afterwards, I repeated the upload process. Thankfully, no error occurred, so I pressed on the "Submit" button. Unfortunately, it turned out that the account automatically reverted to my personal one, and the video was uploaded there. 

Now, here I am editing this post to amend for my mistake, and in the process, I am sharing this lesson with you, so you can prevent this from happening. Please accept my apology for the confusion, and hopefully we can all learn from this. 

Also, now that I'm at it, please support the teaser video will be re-releasing in the appropriate profile. Thank you very much everyone! Feel free to follow me at @anotsopopularkid. Have a prosperous 2018! 


I've had these noodles! They taste good, then the spice hits you HARD

Thanks @harshilpatel! This was supposedly submitted under this account, but one of our members got confused over managing the accounts.

Anyway, yes some of us agree with how tasty it was, but we all have to admit that it was super spicy!

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