VLOG: Good Coffee, Great Place to Chilling Out at Dylan's Coffee (D'coffee) Binjai, Indonesia

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Drinking coffee while enjoying the sunset with rice field views is a fun activity!


So in my vlog this time, I will share the atmosphere and interesting views at Dylan's Coffee (D'coffee). This cafe is located in Binjai, North Sumatra, Indonesia.

I recommend this place to enjoy the afternoon to sunset time in the rice fields!

LOCATION: Dylan's Coffee (D'coffee), Jl. Kol. Yos Sudarso No.75, Cengkeh Turi, Kec. Binjai Utara, Kota Binjai, Sumatera Utara 20761, Indonesia

P.S. Music Background: Ice Tea - Not The King

Enjoy My Video and Have A Great Day!


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Tempat dan suasananya asyik banget 😊

Iya enak banget kalo buat jalan jalan sore ini Mbak sekadar minum kopi

Saya boleh minta nomer wa ngga ? terima kasih @anggreklestari tulisan-tulisannya banyak menginspirasi saya agar belajar menulis lebih baik lagi 🙏😊

Akan saya WA mbak nanti. Makasih banyak lho Mbak udh mau baca tulisan tulisan saya

Sama2 🙏😊


Very nice coffee shop! I like the open air feel to it and the music speaks tranquility and peacefulness. The view of the rice paddy adds to that overall sense of calm.

Thank you for taking me there! A perfect #MarketFriday post! Have a wonderful day!


Yeah dear. The place is always be my fav and not far from my house too.

Have a great weekend for you @dswigle

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