[Video Tutorial] How To Make Coconut Bowl Using Simple Tools

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The process of making a bowl from coconut shells turns out to be very fun!
It is a very satisfying craft and can be one way to get rid of negative energy in the body by making this bowl.

Coconut bowls are useful for reusing coconut shells which are usually thrown away as rubbish in the kitchen.

I never thought that the process of removing a rough layer on a coconut shell was a fun activity.

Coconut bowl can be used for serving bowls and as a place to store vegetables and fruit.

We only need a sheet of sandpaper and a knife. Then for finishing step, we need cooking oil to create beautiful colors.

Enjoy My Video!


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O k - You're the one I want to be stranded on a dessert island with! :) We LOVE coconut bowls and have lots around in our house. Drill some holes in the bottom and they make great soap dishes too. :)

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After I succeed in making a few coconut bowls, I will make them more. Very helpful equipment in my kitchen :)

Thanks for supporting my post 😊

Well... it's a nice one.
very creative.

Thank you

Well, I have not really tried it that way but I still remember doing quite similar thing of taking those coconut out with spoon and having them while I was little ;)
Good old memories !!

Old but gold. :)

I think I never thought of this becuse I'm not crafty and also I probably wouldn't be able to bring them with me from home (where all the coconuts are) but that is a brilliant idea!

In here so many coconut shell so I'm really happy to made it.

Thanks for stopping by


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Thanks dear 😊

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