Super Easy and Quickly Deep Fried Tempeh Recipe

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Fried tempeh with flour is still an easy snack choice nowadays.

We only need to dip the tempeh into a mixture of rice flour and all-purpose flour and then fry it in a deep-fried style.

The important thing does not forget to serve fried tempeh while warm with your favorite sauce.

How to make Deep Fried Tempeh, please watch my video.

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Hi @anggreklestari, tempe adalah menu favorit saya, betul seperti penjelasan di atas, tempe memang akan terasa sangat lezat jika di nikmat dengan saos. Itu akan menciptakan sensasi huhu..haha di lidah, karena pedas 😂

Tiada rasa tanpa pedas. Ehehe

Can you make a video for Tempeh Manis? Love it 😋

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I will try it next time

Thanks for the suggestion :)

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