How To Make Peanut Butter at Home. Save Your Money!

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If you like toast for breakfast, then peanut butter can be a great complement to the delicious taste.

But because peanut butter is not cheap, we often only use butter for toast.

Homemade Peanut Butter can be a solution for those of you who like peanut butter, and you can save money!



You only need peanuts, a little sugar (optional for those of you who like sweet), and coconut oil (optional).


Stay Tuned!

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Always Love this. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

Thanks for watching my friend :)

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I wanna try this sooooo bad

Ayo dicoba dicoba ehehe

Selai kacang buatan sendiri lebih enak, lebih puas, lebih banyak dan pastinya lebih hemat ya @anggreklestari 🥜🍞😋

Lebih sehat tentunya Mbak :)

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