Donate A wheel Chair To Needy Person, Help And Make Some One Feel Special With Your Help,

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Hello My dear Friends , I am @alishannoor & @upmewhale Owner As well.

Most of whales knows about me that i am student But I am volunteering my time and efforts today on behalf of individuals with mobility issues with in Pakistan. Through my work with the **Khygarha Welfare Trust**, I am able to assist this not-for-profit organization enable the disabled poor of Pakistan lead happier, healthier and more productive lives.

As of 2015 the United Nations reported there are 3.2 million disabled individuals within Pakistan with approximately 20% of those individuals having some sort of physical disability. Sadly, many of these individuals have no access to a much needed wheelchair. Despite a cost of Approximately "60USD", a wheelchair is out of reach for many who are most in need.

Now you may be asking, how can I help?

By donating or by spreading the word to others who have the ability to donate to the Khygarha Welfare Trust, you can change the life of an individual who has lost all hope of a better life. And even better, you can directly participate by seeing needy individuals receive your gift through pictures and videos! Please know that no donation is too small, with each dollar gathered bringing us closer to our goal of universal mobility. You will see first hand the direct impact your donation is making on the face of someone you have enabled. Donations can be accepted through our steemit account @angelsofsteem , where you can find out more about us.

With 100 percent of all funds raised going directly towards the purchase of wheelchairs, you can actually measure the impact your help is making other's lives. So today I am asking you to give dignity, renewed purpose and a more normal life to someone in need through your gift. Be the change you want to see in the world

I already have a lot of time in steemit and analyzing the people on the platform I came to the conclusion that @chbartist is the most generous person in the community.He give me the idea of sharing my mission (helping disable people) on steemit and by this way we will get a non stop help From whales and witnesses.

@chbartist is from the west and we meet on steemit few months ago we make a good friendship, he is like my brother, he treat all people alike and he never use his brain but he like to work from heart,he never attack any one which is the great example for steem.

Why are not you a candidate for witness? You can donate your profit, and it donates moreover to many people on steemit. I think that with the experience of the @chbartist and also by the person he is he would be of great value as a witness to the steemit.

And it’s a request to many of the whales and witnesses that if they are agree with my work in near future that they can trust me that there money will go to a needy person they can share some small portion of their earning to the trust account, where everything will be transparent and all the proof will be shared in a video and pictures along with the name of the donor .No donation is small even a dollars can get us close to t our goal. Thanks you.

visit @alishannoor profile to check the proof of donation!

Click on the link to see donation video

If Any one want to talk to us and ask for more detail contact our discord

Or leave a comment below ,Feel free to resteem and let any one know and help the world.

Our Facebook Page

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Hello there! I think you said your name was Adil? If so- That is my son's name! :-) A great name! Nice work in helping out disabled people. My son Adil is 23 years old and has Cerebral Palsy since birth. He is in a wheelchair, he cannot walk, sit up or talk . When he was younger and out grew his wheelchair I always donated it to an organization as some other child could use it. This is a great idea and I wish you well! Thanks for the great video!

I am 24 Years old I like to help disable people first i have meet a child was almost 13 years old he was very poor his back was fully damaged, Because he was always in his bed After that i have decided that we will Do our best to provide wheelchair to disable poor people i am very hopeful that i will get much help though out our community but it need time for people to build trust and they will check my work too.


I wish the people who read this review not only gave your upvote in this post to help in this cause but make a donation by making a transfer of any amount.@angelsofcteem.
This cause is really amazing!

Thanks for your kind words. We will do our best.

Thank you very much too...


Awesome, resteemed. Great job brother!

Thanks for support appreciated

Awesome inixiative, i support you with my tiny upvote.
Wish that more people help the poors and the ones that need support.
Thankyou very much, i wish you the best.

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any help is appreciated brother thanks for the interest

Amazing work! You should get in touch with @charitycurator for more support!!

Да согласен хорошая тема и для разбора всех тонкостей и для заработка и для стими! Но зарабатывать но инвалидах это мерзко и низко. Ты не побрезгаешь ничем чтобы заработать. Если ты так переживаешь за таких людей то инвестируй в подобные компаний или же сам помогай. На свете много людей обреченные на муки. Эты решил заработать на такой теме,ну и тварь же автор. Если хотел бы помог,если жалко помог,и не писал бы тут посты,а писал бы в другом месте на спец форумах или же сайтах. Так что твоему посту дизлайк

Yes, I also think that this is just for the money

Every one has there own thought i am not here to promote this work to earn for my self ! Sadly i am sorry for your thoughts but if i want to earn from only posting i can make thousands of post and invest in them i try to promote this post with losing much steems! i want to get support of my community to make a perfect help to needy people not only in my place but if in my country any one is interested to work with me in person i am ready i want to be loyal in my work and i am doing this for others not for my self , i Do not want to make earning by this work! Do not please always think of just earning , but every one has his own thoughts. Thanks

Хотел бы помогать и не заработать на этом посте не писал бы тут. Есть много фондов В Америке,Россий,Германия,Лондоне. Да в любой стране есть такие фонды. Хочешь помочь??? Так вкладывай и помогай а не пиши тут такие посты.Еще скажи что с этого поста ты помог кому то?!) Нет эти деньги ушли в твой карман. И тут не дураки сидять,то что я тут мало заработал )))не надо делать из меня простака))я многое в жизни поведал и люди ради своей наживы готовы на многое потому что людишки жалосты и мелочны и ради лишнего цента готовы удавиться. Ты просто нашел тему самую больную и решил заработать на ней.....я призираю таких людей. В инквизицию ты бы уже горел бы на костре....

Time will tell that who is right and who is wrong I will Do my best What make me feel better All the fingers of hand are not same ! And every one is not a cheater my brother that is what i believe.

время покажет?! но никто этого не увидит так как мы далеко от реальности и друг от друга.

you're right. we do not know his intentions but all this is only to earn

I liked your post a lot. Allah, with the help of the poor, is very much pleased with us. With this post you will be able to get help with the help of poor people. Thank you

I support your kind heart. Charity is always like the candle in darkness for needy people.

I am doing my very best soon a new video will be uploaded when i get donations.

That I see very good, in aid to others who need, a wheelchair can change the lives of people who need it to move and be more independent, thank you friend @angelsofsteem that's why I'm doing work, I congratulate you for great work

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