New Zealand Landscape Painting - Want to know HOW to add DEPTH to your Paintings?

in dtube •  11 months ago

Landscape Painting DEMO! Painting a pastoral NZ landscape with trees, water and atmosphere. Painting a Landscape with atmospheric depth is made possible by carefully mixing your tones and colours as you bring layers forward.
Watch how right Here!

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Awesome art @andrew.tischler , Happy welcome to steemit after 5 months 😀

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I would like to invite you to our discord group

Saimegh ( Curie curator)


Thank you, I'll look into it.

Hi @andrew.tischler, your artwork is truly outstanding. I've been a massive fan of yours for ages and even bought your 'Painting the Southwest Seascape' although I haven't yet finished as my kids got into my paints and left some... 'artwork'.... all over the carpets :( I found it exciting to learn more about colour and as a colourblind artist this has always been a difficulty but I'm starting to get more understanding of it.

Anyway hahaha... we would be honored to have you join us in our fast growing Steemit promotional art group, the Steemit Art Register. Your artwork will be viewed by many other great artists who are encouraged to support each other so we can all reach Steemit success! This initiative is run by real people who hand pick the best artists and blog posts to promote and so they can receive more followers, more upvotes and more resteems!

I send this message to a few people but I personally would be very honoured to promote your work as a massive fan and as an Aussie (NZ is still brother to Australia 😊).

Any artist who reads this post is available to join. The only requirement is quality blog posts and to join our SAR Discord Channel so you can be easily noticed and promoted as much as possible (you don't even have to chat 😊)

Excellent painting. Very, very nice.


Thanks so much!

This is beautiful! And so incredibly informative. I'm a digital artist but I still learned so much! Thanks for sharing, looking forward to more! :)


Cheers for your comment, I have plenty more coming your way!

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Beautiful piece! Well done!

Depth has never been my forte. I don't really do a lot of landscapes and maybe that's part of the reason.

Diminishing detail isn't too hard to grasp, but colour isn't my strong suit. You do such a great job creating less colour contrast as the scene recedes further into the background. This is an awesome tutorial! I haven't painted in a while... maybe it's time I whip out some canvas again.

If you're interested, I would love it if you would create something to enter into my Surreal Art Contest. There's 20 SBD worth of prizes.