calling all python coders! Looking to convert some php code to python for a standalone buying button with a config for price!

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over the last three months we’ve been looking to build standalone micro businesses to accept payment on the steem blockchain, the biggest problem is to automate the payment button from stripe to allow for steemconnect or steem keychain payments — on our site we have a button for people to pay with credit cards using stripe.

Our first site is - a site selling pre-made landing page templates for the platform, a great system for making landing pages and quick website pages for clients that can’t wait or don’t want to spend a lot to get a webpage up for their business, service or event.

Ideally we will host the python code on and that code will have a config file where we can set a global price (all our templates are a fixed price) or we can pass through a url for a price per item would probably be better because we offer all templates for $99 as well, whatever payments we take in steem we will mostly power up everything we sell in this way. — I’m using to make the contests, this is gonna run for 1 month, I’ve put the 1st price at 30 steem, the code to do all the look-ups for a price from exchanges has been done by @sagescrub, we need it in python with a config file to set price and we need to link it to a button to bring up steemconnect / steem keychain for payment.

I’ve already reached out to @sagescrub and he was incredibly gracious to put together a pack for me of his php code that he’s made for polling multiple exchanges for the current steem price so we can do a real time look up of the price (at time of the click of the button) which we can then calculate the amount of steem we need to ask for (based on the price passed through in dollars)

Our aim after getting this code done is to start looking for landing page builders, site builders, standalone systems, flat file non database platforms and reach out to them with out code in python and start finding coders to refactor the code for different platforms so we have a section on for people to integrate steem payments in their sites easily — you can of course use the wonderful steem payments method plugin from @sagescrub for wordpress if you have that — he literally updated it 7 hrs ago! :)

This plugin needs more love because it really opens up the world of Wordpress and steem payments together! — thanks for all you do sage scrub, we need more versions of this code for multiple platforms so that it becomes a default to be able to pay for things in steem! :)

Check out the awesome if you have not already, gives me inspiration every time I go over there, such an awesome community of people doing steem powered business in an ethical way, incredible!

if you’ve not seen the contests feature on (a frontend to the steem blockchain) check this link out — — pretty slick interface to find great contests.

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this is the download link btw for the pack.

if you get a security warning just add me on discord.

teamhumble#0945 to DM me and i can send you it there.


Thank you for this viable info shared. Our fellow steemians could also use byteball, steem and other tokens right now that are being promoted.

i'm talking about platforms for content management systems, not other crypto currencies in this code i'm on about, but that's fine, you'll understand when it's done and we will make it easy for people to intergrate.

Thank you so much for clearing this one. I will keep myself posted.

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I am looking forward to seeing steem accepted in more places as a result of this effort!

btw you may want to consider sharing this message in Steem Devs and/or Utopian-io discord groups

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