"Ocean Breeze"

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My oh my, the joys of it all. This must have been my fourth attempt at editing this video, it's not as easy as it looks (I mean, it's gotta be perfect right?)

"Ocean Breeze" is a preliminary work, in practice for a larger piece that I'm making for a gift, I made this one so I could see how the colours work together before committing to a larger canvas.

My target colour was Teal - how do you think I went?

Anyhoo, I'm really pleased with the results although, I think it may be a touch too blue. Regardless, this one's definitely got an ocean vibe.

Music: www.bensound.com
Song: Hip-Jazz


Thanks for stopping by and reading my post, I really do appreciate your time.

And remember to keep smiling, it makes people wonder what you're thinking...!

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This is pretty cool. Was wondering what the cups were for then I just saw this wonderful creative art work. It's amazing.

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Thanks @fredkese, it's nice of you to say so

That was really cool, I think that turned our great. Was that just straight paint or was there thinners or something else mixed in? The paint seemed to move well

Thanks @thevillan, glad you enjoyed it. To make the paints flow, I use a product called Floetrol - It's a paint conditioner that professional painters use it to increase the flow of paint through spray applications. I use about 1:2 ratio which helps save a little money on paint wastage as you do lose a lot of paint over the sides of the canvas. I get it from Bunnings so it's not an actual art medium but essentially, it has similar ingredients.

Ahh ok I have never heard of that stuff, but could tell something must have been used as paint normally doesn't flow like that.
I used to muck around with my air compressor and spray gun, and used to thin the paint a bit so it wouldn't clog up the gun.
Miss spray painting, will be doing my car at some point when I can be bothered fixing it :)

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Hahaha, this is funny, the other day I saw a video about a similar work. I love this technique, it looks so interesting. Mixing colors is always fun and you've managed to pick the perfect colors. Blue goes well with green. Excellent work. Next time I'm hoping you're going to use more green, it would make it more cheerful :)

Thanks for your comment @erikah and yes, it is a very popular technique. Are you an artist or have tried painting? It is very relaxing and as you mentioned, I love playing with colour and this technique allows you to be very freestyle.

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So organic and wonderful and really creative <3 I love the result ! The texture and patterning came out really nice, alphi !!! Gorgeous colour choices, too, I think you really nailed the "Ocean Breeze" feel with this one, defo~ :D Aaah so coooooool~ * ___ *

Thank you @veryspider, I'm glad you liked the colours. As you can imagine, with this style of painting, the results depend very much on your colour choices and I really enjoy trying out different colour combinations. I find it to be very relaxing :)

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Yay! It made me so happy to watch it. What a cool, simple and achievable process. Was the lighter there on purpose?

Hi @edouard, thank you so much for watching my vid and I am very happy knowing that it also made you happy.

When using fluid paints you often get air-bubbles in the paint that can cause tiny holes when it dries so I will run a torch-flame over the paint to bring the bubbles up to the surface. This can also create new colour cells in the paint.

So the black lighter is the one I use to do this but the button is broken so I have to use the red lighter to light the black lighter.

Sorry I hope that all made sense - however, I hope to make more videos showing the whole process.

It is very rewarding to learn more by asking questions. It’s a good idea not to spell everything out that we you leave us wanting more!

Aaaah this one looks really cool, both in the creation process and the finished version. The painting is awesome and it definitely feels oceanic due to its colours and the flow and bubbles.
Really cool stuff alphaccino :D. Grats for the curie vote.

Thanks @scrawly, it was a very nice surprise that's for sure