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Hello everyone! Last night I was scrolling through dtube main page and saw a scam alert by @runicar and I thought it was really important to send a message to everyone! His video explains all the behind the scenes and how the scam works, so if you wanted a little bit of drama check his video here -


I just wanted to make a video and ALERT EVERYONE!! BE CAREFUL!!! These spammed messages are coming from normal accounts that have been hacked - so please dont click on any unknown links!

First thing you need to do : DO NOT USE YOUR MASTER PASSWORD - Change it on your browser and phone or anywhere you use it to your posting key! Save the master password, print it and put away! This way you can protect your account at least!

Secondly - dont log in twice and if it logs you out - check the browser - Is it steeemit or not?
Some SCAMS - ;
I dont know how many more there are - these just came across already! PLEASE BE CAREFUL!!!


Lots of love,
Alla xxxx

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Good stuff , Hackers are The one thing that could keep the public away from block chains , Such a huge problem

I've been on the boat of people using posting key only and recommending everyone to only use posting key because of this exact issue. We will see many other, probably even better attempts to steal people's money. I really think SteemIt shouldn't allow master password, unless its for wallet features.

Thanks for that video, it's pretty helpful for the community

yes exactly! i guess they will always exist, our mission is to warn people as much as possible! yeah you are right! thanks for watching! I hope loads of people get around to see this and not be a victim!

We seriously need 2FA somehow. A few days back I also discovered a few hacked accounts and wrote about it.

ooh noo!! 2FA would be a great idea, would that be possible to do on steemit?

I am sure it can be done. Just cost of putting it in and cost of running it will be what some may be thinking of.

I guess it goes without saying that you should protect your private key (password) as you would the keys to your house.

Yes exactly! Good point!

what if you only know your posting and memo key?

Everyone who signs up gets. A master password. If you only know those you will never be able to transfer send money etc

thanks for the information it is very useful for everyone to be able to maintain their privacy and stay safe from all threats of hackers.
happy international women's day

yeah for sure! thanks :)

I'm sure of that. You are welcome miss @allasyummyfood

I really don't know why there are people that always prefer the easy way to earn money like is steal someone.

Thank you to make this video I will be more careful

yeah i know! its always going to be like this and unfortunately its really sad!

Crazy, I had a comment from that user on my post yesterday... had it flagged thanks for the warning.

you are welcome :) yes please be careful!

Thank you, Alla:) Good advice:)

so far I haven't had any issues with scams, but thank for the heads-up!

yeah good good :)) be careful!

the more successful and widespread steemit will, the more scam activities will come... but nice that you warn the community! ;)

yeah i know! our job is to make people aware of them!

Vorsicht Danke

WOW, I have really been expecting this, knowing that there are a lot of hackers and thieves out there, thanks for the info.

welcome, just look out for things and be careful!

Thanks for the information! Unfortunately, scams will always be and it is important know how to avoid them!

yeah i know, i think its important to let everyone know and shut them down asap!

This is really sad. I wonder why some people just enjoy making other people sad and yet feed off it. I have a friend lose his account too. They were even posting spam messages and the account is now on -3. This guy is really down and sad. Thank you for letting us know this. I haven't seen the post by runicar but i will check it out. Thanks my friend.

yeah i dont know! its pretty bad, i mean there is always bad! but just have to be careful! yeah it can really destroy your account! ! welcome!

Yes, being careful is key. We will always have people like that around us, we just have to do our part to safeguard it. Thank you once again. How is Ivar feeling now?

yeah he is better! still sick thou! :(

I am so sorry to hear that. Touch him with your magic yummies, your charming smile, and your adorable outfits, that sickness will flee. Haha.
I know he is in capable hands, with you. My regards to him.

Thank you.
today I'm create posting key. I don't know about hacker on steemit, until my friend was hacked password.

yeah you dont need to create it, its just in your personal information, you can see yoru posting key!

Look in "Permissions" ?

Thanks for the warning @allasyummyfood,

Always good to be safe and secure!

There is people doing nasty stuff to steal from others, there is nothing new here hehehe! Be smart... :D

Thank you for warning the community @allasyummyfood. Resteemed.

you are welcome ;) thanks!!

Hi there @allasyummyfood, yeah well why would people steemit when they can just steelit ?? Great to get this out to your following and others on this platform ! SteemOn YummyYou )

hahhah yeahh just be carefoon :P

Thanks for the heads up Alla. Good to know that everyone looks out for each other here

yes 100% ! we are a community! we have to, otherwise platform will die!

It's one of the greatest things that sets Steemit apart from other social medias

as you mention people need to look carefully at the URL.
another thing is trying to avoid surfing over public Wifi
bad people can sniff your information and password.

yeah good point!!! i try not doing it public, but everyone needs to be careful!

Scammers everywhere -.- Wherever money is involved - people will try and cut corners to gain unfair, illegal advantage.. Thanks for heads up !

I know tell me about it! It’s sooo bad!!!!

That happen to me to, just got back to the account after 3 Days blocked and today well yea coming back on to see that i have posted things that i dident and lost rep. points and all

Hey, great video! Would you mind checking out my channel and letting me know what you think?

Thank you, @allasyummyfood :) Good advice:)

Upvoted and resteemed to the small community of bloggers that I associate with here.
Thanks for spreading the news!

Great job thanks so much :):)

Sungguh luar biasa kehidupan lewat stemite

Thank you! Resteemed

Hello. I liked your post, keep it up. Good luck :)

Wow, thank you! This is actually so scary! I'm new to Steemit & Dtube, so really appreciate the advice ❤️

You are really welcome :)))

Excellent post! Thanks for sharing and helping us protect our account @allasyummyfood

Super Danke
sehr wichtig

Thanks for the warning. Haven't seen anything overt yet.

for anyone who interested in how to find your posting key, someone wrote simple guidance

I think I have been hacked. Welp.. on to change that password. I wasn't sure...(still not). Wow these people clever. Lol. Very big thanks to you

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