State of the Splinterlands

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I (@aggroed) go through and talk about all the metrics that I personally track in regards to how I think the game is doing and how it's growing. Overall, the state of the Splinterlands is strong and nearly all stats are at an all time high.

As of right now, I think the marketcap that I use to track Splinterlands has passed SBD!!! So, that seems significant.

It ran a little longer than I intended. Y'all are strongly encouraged to watch at a faster pace than 1x.

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I always enjoy watching these... and I don't think you need to worry about them being too long there is a certain type of person that is gonna watch these.

^ This

Nice update!!

The 105K offer was a sale by me for Black Friday only. I might have to raise the price now that the weekend special is over ;)

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I like how you ran with the Chief of Fomation Title.

You need to add that title to the game and give it to yourself.

I Just want to Get a Prince Julian !!! Thank You @aggroed

Only 3 in existence so far and 2 on the market. It looks to be priced on rarety rather than ability. - 1 health!! I've seen better

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You mystery potion value calculation is off a little.
Its 1200x0.007x0.12=$1 per charge which is not that cheap considering i could get just a reward card from it. :)

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Thanks for the update. Getting all hyped over here. Almost quit a job, buy a bunch of packs and just rent it out :D #jk Just don't know much about game stuffs and still have a bf playing.

Anyways, Congrats on all the healthy looking progress!


Se ve interesante, lo probare

Hello, how do you now cash steemp out of your steem engine, sending it to my user name keeps sending it back to my steem engine wallet, which is self defeating, thanks in advance for any response.

click on the "withdraw" button on

Thanks, I kept sending it to myself, been a long time since I took anything out, getting senile lol,