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Hello guys

Actifit also one amazing DApp in steemnlockchain. This app give reward users for their daily execise and steps that's we do in our every days life.For this just we need to install its app and need to run it in background. Its will work automatic itself. No need to do anything. WHEN IT will complete 5000 you can post in steemit its report using app.For post your report you will get upvote and token both.
Also something important like all app actifit also have official acount in steemit. That's name @actifit. In this community have really amazing power.Also for any question you guys can ask in discord. All important link I will give in below.

You are in new??want to sign up free?? here the link for you

For app


Some important links here.

Steemit acount ||

If anyone want to participate in this contest here the link

Thanks guys for watching

Have a nice day..

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Very nice review @afrinsulatana! You are becoming a pro at this!
I didnt yet try actifit but after seeing your video I am thinking to join it which can help me both With upvotes and support and also improving my health status.

Keep it going!

Thank you so much..

Well done, nice entry for the contest. Best of luck sister. 👍

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Nice review on @actifit. But it seems you're not using @actifit. We'd be so happy to see your daily tracks with @actifit. You need to do the very thing before encourage others. So please start using the amazing @actifit app.

Hoping to see your activity post so soon.

If you need any help on actifit or if there's anything that you don't understand then you can contact with us; we would be happy to help.

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Thanks.for your comment..Also want to delegation also soon.will use also..