DTUBE - Arrogance or Confidence - How To Tell The Difference - Getting Rejected

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Hey Steemit and Dtube,
Are you or someone you know Confident or are they Arrogant? How do you tell the difference?

In this video I explore my recent failure and my ability to spot confidence based on my experience of managing people for most of my business career.

It's a subtle thing, but something that can effect you ability to succeed, either in a team or in isolation.

So what's the difference between the two? How do people that are Confident act, versus someone that is simply Arrogant? How can you spot them in yourself?

All are answered in the video, at least from my point of view.

Thanks for watching,

The Adventurous Soul
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Glad I got to watch this before I snooze tonight. Talk soon my friend!!!

This was sweet sauce. Nice shirt too!

Thanks bud, go to bed you silly bugger it’s late for you. Little ones always get up early 😳 they are the perfect alarm clock

That is so true - you have hit the nail on the head.

Hi Rod,
You sum it up well.
I guess it's that many arrogant people take the view that they can only prove that they are right by proving that everyone else is wrong. (even the people that were on their side).

Innately I think that everyone can sense the difference
(That's why we are attracted to some people, BUT want to shove others under a bus)

But it took a sharp cookie like you to actually quantify and put it into words.

wah dear very nice point thinking

right one, bud. I always negate myself haha

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You have some good points here
Thank you for the daily lessaon ☺

this post is useful for life.

Informative, nice

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