Two Non-Banff Things To Do In Alberta

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Hi 👋

In this video - Part 3 of my Canada series, I talk about two non-Banff related things to do in Alberta.

Part 1: One Of The Most Beautiful Places I've Ever Been!
Part 2: 3 Places To Visit In Banff National Park


Peace and Love ✌🏿

All copy and photos are original content by me.

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Goodness me, isn't this the best content I've seen this week? Wow look at that Edmunton mall, Jesus! I've never seen an indoor beach but I guess you must've gone crazy the way I'm doing now, I mean that must've taken so much space and a lot of money, to your estimation how much do you think could make something artificial look so real and natural?
Wow the tropical animals what a sad thing, I must say, Nigeria have tropical animals too locked up in small zoos


Yeah that’s really sad. There is enough space in Nigeria to let them run free in a Safari setting like in Kenya.

That mall is amazing. You have to see it to believe it :)

Thanks for watching ✨

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Obviously I should, thanks for bringing this though, I didn't believe myself, wow

Great.. I'm applying to alberta..curious what I can see there..

There is such a big difference in visiting zoos that have space as you can appreciate the environments as well as the animals when visiting!

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Haha indoor beach, I believe Japanese have also something similar. I went in Las Vegas in a hotel called Bellagio famous for having a Venice inside with all the canals and the gondolas. When you have many and space everything is possible :))

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