This week in What you're being distracted from!

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good post brother

Everywhere we turn somehow it seems we're being distracted from the truth. People have become mouthpieces for the same thing that's keeping them subdued. Great video, I wish it was longer! Oh and thanks for the book.

Yes we are. And you are very welcome, did you have a chance to read it yet?

Not yet, I prefer audio books and will set aside some time to listen to it. I am eager to hear your message.

Great video! That sums it up in 3 minutes. North Korea is also a favourite distraction. The attack in New York also helps the establishment's 'War on Vehicles'. Your bravery in the face of the enemy is commendable.

Thank you for the support!

I heard so much about the book "Freedom " could this be the one. If so thanks a lot for sharing this.

Yes my book is FREEDOM!. It is free:

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blog contains more important information

What is the book about

All about freedom! It is free and in audio form:

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