🤸 Hand Stand Tuck Up Drills With A Partner 🤸

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Hey Steemit Friends!!!

Today I made another hand stand tutorial that I would love to share with you!!

Hand Stand Tuck Up Drills With A Partner

Hand stand tuck ups are my favorite way to get into the hand stand position. Tucking into a ball before extending your legs helps get your hips stacked over your shoulders. I find this is one of the easier ways to find your line, with practice.

Doing tuck up drills is a great way to build strenght in your upper body. Make sure to always practice coming out of the hand stand as slow as posible. Coming down slow is the best way to build power and control in your core.

You can do tuck ups on your our, free standing or up aginist a wall. I like to do tuck ups with a partner because a partner can help your get into the proper alignment and also encourage you to do more reps!!

When I practice these drills I like to do 4 sets of 8 reps.
Starting off you always want to do less and ease into more. I recommend trying 3-4 sets of 5 reps.

ezgif.com-video-to-gif (12).gif

Let me know if you have any questions!
Thanks so much for the support!!

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A handstand is on my to do list for 2019 (I have to focus on fat loss and building strength first) but is there anything else that I should focus on before even trying this?


Yeah I got a good drill for starting out:
This one is a good start for building muscle before getting upside down :)


Thank you.Off to bed, but I will check this out tomorrow.


Three great tips. I have a bar, so let the hanging commence

I love doing partner tuck up drills. It helps having a partner spot where you need to work on since you can’t see it yourself unless you take a video of yourself and look at it afterwards.

Very nice to be doing a post you thank you for sharing a nice post in us

Nice one,
Thank you so much for this opportunity to be enlightened @acromott

that's quite an interesting way to bond with a partner

It is very nice to me your prectice

I like this video! Great! Btw, my upvote doesn't worth anything 'cuz I'm a newbie here, but I'm posting this comment as a support. If you want, you can check my introduction post and leave me some feedback. And yeah, I'm 17 :) PEACE!

amazing videos and techniques. can i climb on your shoulders and fly in the air? would love to. nice one and i mentioned you in my first intro post. hope its ok. tks for all the good stuffs